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__&thefaeries (danceamongthemoonshine)

the meadow
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___to dance amongst the stars with{one another}and to join hands as we___float amongst the reverieofthe{{moon}}

this is a community for faeries of the earth to__{{love and rejoice}} together and sing our song of honeyblossoms&love.

Faeries Unite
!!, &, , (!), [!], antique dresses, aromatherapy, art, beauty, being one with another, blowing bubbles, broken violin strings, bubbles, butterflies, cadbury creme eggs, cakes, candles, candy, candyhearts, cerulean stars, chai, chiffon&taffeta, chipped nailpolish, chocolate, coloring, cookie dough, corsets, cotton candy bubble bath, crinolines, dance, dancing, dancing in the rain, doodling hearts, dragonflies, dreams, dreamy guitar boys, dress-up, dripping red roses, elegance, elves, energy, eyeliner, fae, faerie wings, faeries, faery, fairies, fairy wings, fairy-tales, femininity, fingerpainting, fireflies, fishnettes, flowers, flutterflies, flying, francesca lia block, frolicing, glamour, glamour bombs, glitter, golden meadows, gossamer, haiku, handpicking wildflowers, hearts, incense, innocence, kisses, kittens, lace ruffle skirts, lemonade stained pinafores, lipgloss, lipstick kisses on paper, long hair, love, love for the earth, love letters, lyrics, magick, makeup, making people smile, many petticoats, memories, mermaids, music, mythology, nature, nonconformity, nymphs, orgasms, paper flowers, photographs, photography, pictures in the clouds, pink, pink & black, pixies, playing in the rain, poetic details, poetry, pointed-ears, pointy ears, polaroids, prettie words, rain, rainbow sprinkles, rainbows, raindrops on roses, rubber bracelets, saving souls, secret gardens, shimmer, shy smiles, silence, slip dresses, snowflakes in my lashes, soapbubbles, sparkledust, sparkles, sprinkles, stardust, stars, sugar, summer, sunshine, the moon, the ocean, the sea, the stars, the sun, throwing pennies into fountains, tiaras, tinkerbell, tori amos, twirling together, wands, warm rain, wearing wings, whispering, wings, winter, wishes, words, writing, writing on my skin, {!!!},