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Next door to the garden in the jungle that's down on the farm by paradise city

That can only be reached by hopping on the nighttrain

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Hi. You've seen all there is to see, so you can leave now.

Really, I mean it. Get out of here. Go. I don't like you.


Fine. We're special and you can't come in unless you can accurately describe to me the following things:
1) The family. In detail.
2) The significance of the fab 14.
3) S.C.A.R. - what it means, why we have it.
4) Why such a long and involved name of the community journal.
5) Who got shafted? Why's that funny?

When you can pass that test (which I know full well that you can't) then I'll letcha in and you can see everything.

Until then, get the hell outta here.