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broken hearts...have never looked so cool.

br0ken hearts...have never looked so cool.
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Name: Jamie (xkiss_my_fists)
Likes: Bert, drinking through a straw, DVD's, glitter, eyeXliner, Johnny B Keene III, shows, activists, crime scenes, open-minded people, vans slip-ons, sales, camXwhores
dislikes: lame music, VHS, homophobia, broccoli, ppl who scream when theyre talking to me when im RIGHT there, being dizzy, assholes, broken hearts, falling asleep during a good movie.
favorite color: HawT PINK
favorite word: psh
sexual preference:bisexual
somthing unique: She's been a vegetarian for 4 years.

Name: Daniel (theviewofdeath)
Likes: Waffles, snowy days, rainy days in the grass, cats, old people holding hands, music, snowboarding
dislikes: Cat hair, rap, republicans, taking back sunday, cold nights, .
favorite color: Green
favorite word: One million
sexual preference: Dosnt really matter manily my gf tho :P
somthing unique: we'll get back to you on this one

Name: Krista (heartxcorexx)
Likes: vegitarianism, Music, Guitar, the feeling in your throat you get before you start to cry, shaggy hair guys, Kevin♥
dislikes: Mean people, people who dont like music, people who make my desicions for me >.<
favorite color: pink
favorite word: Sigh
sexual preference:straight
somthing unique:she has a really... really....REALLY long tounge

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Name: Haze (coffeeadict)
Likes: My boyfriend, Music, biting, drinking, hot tea, coffee!!!!, tofu
dislikes: Fakes, cheaters, homophobics, preverts, assholes.
favorite color: green
favorite word: "fuck"
sexual preference:bisexual
somthing unique: I'm a natural red head.


-respect the mods for they rule the world-
-promoting, pictures, long posts, and applications must be under an Lj-cut-
lj-cut (take out the *): <*lj-cut text="title here">
-to show you read the rules put "You would kill for this." in the title-
-don't hold yourself back, tell applicants exactly why you voted how you did-
-be active, vote, and promote-
-inactivity for over a month=your out unless you warn us ahead of time-
-do not post until stamped-
-you have one week to put up your application, from when you join-
-no promoting for other communities.-





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Image hosted by Photobucket.comArt done by: Kurt Halsey

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Join _theemokids

Join _theemokids

All banners done by Allie [kaibagirl519].


The winner of our "best friends" theme is Haze!
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Accepted Lollies

hope_is_faded | Ethan's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
likes: Hair Straighteners, Bass, tight pants, Screaming, Local Bands, and Yellow eyeshadow
dislikes:Back stabbers, Broken hearts, Sports and Close minded ppl, country
favorite color: green
favorite word: yeah
sexual preference:Straight

dip_it_slow| Joey's Application

likes: hot guys, cheesecake, vegetarianism, friends, thats so raven, britney and jessica
dislikes: homophobia, immaturity, nails on a chalk board, ignorance, when fakers say "i love you"
favorite color: hot pink
favorite word: bitch
sexual preference:homosexual

x_wastedheart| Jessica's Application

likesshoelaces, rain clouds, jump ropes, poetry, writing on her arms, concerts, emo hair, Bryan ♥, new shoes and popsicles
dislikes: rap, ghetto people, when my dad tries to be cool, when my shoelaces break, orange, lies, fake smiles, overly friendly people, bad hair-dos on pretty people and invisible lipstick
favorite color: lime green
favorite word: BAM!, fo sho, and fuckflake
sexual preference:Straight

floodlitromance | Josh's application

likes: Cats,emo,gigs,ketchup,tv,web,love,happiness
dislikes: Dogs,mustard,metalheads,school,homework,soapopera
favorite color: Black
favorite word: Blah
sexual preference:Straight

_achildsrhyme | Jessica's application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
likes: Band, Tool, Alex (My lizard), Eric, Josh, Permanet Markers, Crying, Long nails, Long hair, Straight hair, Straight teeth, Pickles, Safety Pins, Autumn, & Nature.
dislikes: Dumbs, School, Government, Censorship, & Ignorance
favorite color: Black
favorite word: Miss Take
sexual preference:Straight

brighteyesemo | David's Application

likes: music, skateboarding, guitar, writing and reading poetry, lj, the nightmare before christmas, tim burton
dislikes: egotistical ppl, the "punk" girls that go to my school, hypocrites, hardcore religious ppl, my bad wrist
favorite color: grey
favorite word: WOOT!
sexual preference:Straight

misokisaragi | Noëlle's Application

likes: diners, bowling, red bull, menthols, my mercedes
dislikes: work, waking up early, driving in cities, healing piercings/tattoos
favorite color: crimson red and yellow
favorite word: pants!
sexual preference:M

_scarlet_heart | Caitlin's Application

likes: GERARD WAY! and my new shoes. and my sweet, sweet boy that writes me sweet, sweet poems.
dislikes: when people have the need to call me ugly. or fat. when i know im not. i mean look at me. puh-lease.
favorite color: rainbows
favorite word: catastrophe
sexual preference:hmm

whoawhoawhoa_|Erin's Application

Likes: snakebites, shows, friends, love, nail polish, music, the smell of gas stations, spending my parents money.
dislikes: homophobics, my cell phone, school, not finding the correct sock pair, fake people
favorite color: hot pink or teal
favorite word: totally or tubular
sexual preference: boyss

stststuttering|Sadie's Application

Likes: the way puddles feel on your feet when you stand in them, orange soda, taking pictures, writing, sewing, those strawberry candie things with the strawberry goo in them, local bands.
dislikes: my american government teacher, see-through curtains, stubby fingers, broken headphones, gym class.
favorite color: grey
favorite word: ace
sexual preference:straight

ohh__chemical|Taylor's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: Music, Guys, Coffee, Intellectual Conversations, Good Hair, Rain.
dislikes: Posers, Rap, Horses (scare me), Bad Breath, Sloppy Make-outs
favorite color: Turquoise/Brown
favorite word: Contraversial
sexual preference:Straightish

ohi0isforlovers|Brooke's Application

Likes: Beautiful Things, Rain/Storms, Flowers, Music, Photographs, Piercings, Art, Poetry, Good Books, Writing, Holding Hands, Hugs, Chicago, Ballet Flats, Chrismas Lights, Cafes, Greek Mythology, Reading, Baking Cupcakes, Converse sneakers, Eye Liner, Shows, Polka Dots, Generosity, Consideration, Compassion and Happy Endings.
dislikes: When people arn't Honest, Hypocrites, When people step on the backs of my shoes, Poor Grammar and smoking.
favorite color: Green
favorite word: skankkkk
sexual preference:I'm straight.

vivicadies|Lisa's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: Hot cheese, making a gun out of my fingers, sushi, spider monkeys, singing to my self in the mirror, Anime, Harry Potter.
dislikes:Mean dogs, the dark, cold food, low batteries, bugs, dirt, bitchy people who are stupid and dont listen, old boyfriends.
favorite color: any shade of green
favorite word: oy!
sexual preference:straight

___physcovision|Amber's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: acoustic, andrew <33, making clothes and whatnot, dying my hair, rain, coloringm etc etc.
dislikes:attention whores, being lied to, relish, stepping on nails, pop punk
favorite color: purple/black
favorite word: kay
sexual preference:

yumi_kisax3|Nataliee's Application

Likes: Sonny Moore<3, Black and Blue eyeliner, MAC Eyeshadow, My Fender Stratocaster, Rock Music, Buying random DVD’s, The Dark, Smallville.
dislikes:Posers(duh), white people who try to act black, preps listening to rock music, people who try to act like someone else to be cool, when I run out of batteries, the color gold.
favorite color: pink
favorite word: yummy
sexual preference:straight

xxbrok3nwings| Seiya's Application

Likes:nail polish, hair dye, good music, singing, writing, taking pictures, sleeping in, green tea
dislikes:break ups, being told I'm 'too young', overly religious people, closed-minded people, people that think they're better than everyone else, getting up early, broken hearts, math problems at 8:30 in the morning.
favorite color: silver
favorite word: psycho
sexual preference:Straight

blonde__suicide|Gaby's Application

Likes: music,movies,my ipod,concerts,fashion,cute people,books
dislikes:bad music,lairs,fake people,being bored,stupidity
favorite color: pink
favorite word: odd.
sexual preference:Bisexual

lovesanexcusex| Kelsey's Application

Likes: music, flowers, sushi, colourfull socks, guitar, poetry, writing, singing, dancing, cartweeling, photography, drawing, eating, and might i add, LOVES mike<3
dislikes: feet, bitchy people, stuck up people, brown, bad movies, annoying people, LOUD people.
favorite color: Green,Pink&Black
favorite word: audios muchachos.
sexual preference:Straight.

allymcle| Alison's Application

Likes: MUSIC! Violin, electric bass, singing, learning new instruments, new england music camp, writing, the colour brown, RENT, Boston
dislikes: not being able to do music for any reason, not having a notebook/pen with me at all times, intolerance, people who are mean to my friends, losing things, having things stolen, reading slowly, and the play "Annie."
favorite color: brown and green but not together.
favorite word: Tmesis.
sexual preference: straightish.

chemicalxkid| Matthew's Application

Likes: Writing, chinese food, road trips, skateboarding, jumping off the bridge, eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, Fedora hats
dislikes: when people use the word "hate", when my parents yell, when Kirk is stupid, My old math teacher, people that try too hard
favorite color: Red.
favorite word: Dammit
sexual preference: Bisexual

echo_of_memorys| Sarah's Application

Likes: hardcore ,vegetarianism, serial killer books, drinking, ska, and photography
dislikes: people who say they are more hardcore than me (who cares!), loud people, lyrics that don't make sense, heartbreak, and tomato's.
favorite color: black and light blue
favorite word: mmhmm
sexual preference: boys andgirls.

abusedbrookie| Brookie's Application

Likes: Dr. Pepper, Chicken, Disney Movies, Talks with love ones, Parks, shoes, babies.. some, and cuddling.
dislikes: Relationships, Sickos, David, Ghetto talk, rap, annoying kids, when people say i love you randomly.
favorite color: Pink/red
favorite word: more like phrase. "GET OUT OF TOWN!!"
sexual preference: Boys.

___radiostar| Pam's Application

Likes: dancing; stars; polka dots; rain; Andrew McMahon; dressing up; shopping;
dislikes: mean people; bad music; when my friends are mad at me; being broken hearted; super hot weather; homophobes;
favorite color: hot pink or green
favorite word: neato
sexual preference: I like boys

darkangel72| Nicole's Application

Likes: argyle, music, shows, carebears, belts, love, eyeliner
dislikes: homophobics, rap, having your heart broken, liars, fakes
favorite color: hot pink or purple
favorite word: lame.
sexual preference: i like boys


likes Don Vito, ciggs, hair dye, candy, alcoholic beverages, nail polish, music, bleach splattered clothes and shoes, camo, hoodies, SOCCER && boys that play soccer, and batman.
dislikes: when people judge me by my clothes, not being loved, copycats, when people hate me, hard drugs, and people who remind me of myself.
favorite color: the color bleach turns on black cloth
favorite word: strungout
sexual preference:Straight

xnamegoesherex| Chris's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: Hayley, Cigaretties, coffee, kissing, vodka, video games, bass, and rainy days
dislikes: Parents, being alone, gettin ditched, guys name travis, my dad, hitting, and Teal (my ex)
favorite color: Green
favorite word: Slove
sexual preference: Hayley

emma_the_emo| Emma's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: Bex(my ex),Thunder storms, Cheese, Being loved, Mikey way from MCR
dislikes: Being alone, Hurting inside, When a friend gets sad
favorite color: Hot pink and Lime green
favorite word: BATMAN! (ok so its a name not a word, oh well)
sexual preference: Bisexual

princess_laurax| Larua's Application
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Likes: Eyeliner//Sparkles//Photography//Movies//Stockard//Emo//Dancing//Rain//Photoshop ♥
dislikes: mean-ness//Homophobes//Broken Hearts//Emo Haters//Hot weather//
favorite color: Hot Pink & Black
favorite word: fabulous
sexual preference: Bi.. :)

h0ldyourbreath_ [for promoting without being stamped]
dayzendinginy [for being ludicrously inactive]
jonr7007 [for being an asshole and posting without being stamped]
meeper [being an immature bitch]
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coldestcaress [being an immature bitch]

.broken.hearts.never.looked.so.cool. -