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I`m going to Tennessee for Christmas Break.
We`re leaving tomorrow, && coming back Friday.
I`ll be back then.
Just warning yall about inactivity.
♥&& have a lovely Christmas everyone.

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i have a question..

what do you do, if you have a story like this.

you get out of this really long good relationship, and about a month later.. you like this guy. and then your best friend makes out with him. and he ends up liking her not me. About two or three weeks later, i like this other guy who ive known for along time. we both like each other, and were dealing.. but she makes out with him.. and he aks her out. and they go out. then she dumps him about 2 weeks later. Then about 3 months later i like this other guy. ive known him for about a year. then a party comes along.. i didnt wanna go. and she makes out with him. and now, tonight he asks her out. and there going out.

what do u do when that happens?

advice... PLEASE!
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