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_tHeEmoKids [entries|friends|calendar]
br0ken hearts...have never looked so cool.

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Bleh [ 04 4th 2013|4th]
Hey I just joined livejournal so I'm still kinda figuring it out lol. So forgive me for any expected screw ups. -_-
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Hoping to get an active community going [ 06 6th 2006|6th]

Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I'm really hoping it's okay. I'm looking for a co-mod to help me run the community, so if you're interested let me know.

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Stamped since a LONNNG time.. but still not on the member page :/ [ 08 8th 2006|8th]

I wanna believe in a future for us...Collapse )

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[ 04 4th 2006|4th]

this is boring. so umm. im leaving. sorry kids.

umm. add me if you want.

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MOD//pictures [red dress] [ 09 9th 2006|9th]


Red DressCollapse )

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[ 23 23rd 2005|23rd]

I`m going to Tennessee for Christmas Break.
We`re leaving tomorrow, && coming back Friday.
I`ll be back then.
Just warning yall about inactivity.
♥&& have a lovely Christmas everyone.
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[ 22 22nd 2005|22nd]

[ mood | crushed ]

i have a question..

what do you do, if you have a story like this.

you get out of this really long good relationship, and about a month later.. you like this guy. and then your best friend makes out with him. and he ends up liking her not me. About two or three weeks later, i like this other guy who ive known for along time. we both like each other, and were dealing.. but she makes out with him.. and he aks her out. and they go out. then she dumps him about 2 weeks later. Then about 3 months later i like this other guy. ive known him for about a year. then a party comes along.. i didnt wanna go. and she makes out with him. and now, tonight he asks her out. and there going out.

what do u do when that happens?

advice... PLEASE!

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[ 22 22nd 2005|22nd]

[ mood | cheerful ]

ive been lost

pictures.Collapse )

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ugh... [ 20 20th 2005|20th]

[ mood | hyper ]

Bordem + bad quality webcam = BAD RANDOM PICS!


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MOD//pictures [ 12 12th 2005|12th]


i'm no nerd.Collapse )

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Mod// NEW THEME [ 11 11th 2005|11th]

[ mood | anxious ]

Ok. NEW THEME. Since it's almost winter, it is getting colder. The new theme is JACKETS. Take pictures of yourself in jackets. Friends in jackets. Your favorite jacket. Just kiddos, BE ACTIVE. STAY ACTIVE. At least post a picture of you in a jacket. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!





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[ 10 10th 2005|10th]

final study break time!!!!

pictures...tell me which one is your favorite?

im not addicted to drugs but im addicted to glamourCollapse )

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Mod//HI!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! [ 03 3rd 2005|3rd]


Hey kids. I love you all. Stay active. Take pictures and post them. WE ALL LOOKING AT PICTURES!!!!!



Pictures.Collapse )

2 beautiful disasters|♥|cheer up

Pictures [ 03 3rd 2005|3rd]

[ mood | bored ]

Im bored!!! Here, have some pictures <3...Just trying to help this community stay active lovers <3

Picture bordem!Collapse )

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hehehe [ 02 2nd 2005|2nd]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Whooo, ok i think we need a christmas compition or something to do on here!

ho ho hoCollapse )

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Mod//pictures, love. [ 29 29th 2005|29th]

[ mood | blank ]

I love you guys. :) keep on being active!!!!
PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

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Hmmm [ 27 27th 2005|27th]

[ mood | creative ]

i been pretty non-active latley so.... yeh im sorry lol...

Picture loveCollapse )

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[ 27 27th 2005|27th]

tons of pictures.Collapse )

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[ 25 25th 2005|25th]

Has anyone here seen RENT yet? Or is anyone planning on seeing it at all?

It's wonderful. Absolutely a work of art.
But I'm a nerd so if no one cares you can delete this post.

2 beautiful disasters|♥|cheer up

[ 25 25th 2005|25th]

[ mood | determined ]

Pleeeeease, my community needs members && activity..it's pretty easy to get into anywayCollapse )

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