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Hey, I just joined. I'm a fan of Stabbing Westward who just recently discovered Chris Hall's new band and has completely fallen in love with the music. I'm totally craving some complete versions of their songs and will probably buy an album the day it comes out. I just hope they get signed soon so that they can make it!

Anyway, just thought I'd join up and show a bit of support for the band.
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hey everyone i'm new to this group... i've been neglecting my lj thanx to my myspace thing... anyways... i've found 5/11 of the hidden tracks on the site... so far i have 1,3,5,8, and 10... does anyone know where the others are?

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well i just joined in here just wanted to say that the community looks great. ive kinda been slacking when it comes to keeping up with everything but i think you guys could help me stay up there....
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Hello *waves*

Hi everyone, just joined well rather I was a member before but have changed accounts (old one is deleted).
I love Stabbing Westward and Chris' vocals do amazing things. I recently visited The Dreaming's newest website which is pretty well done (scared me a bit too) and saw the video for Beautiful and its got me begging for more! So please please, is there any news on anything being released in the UK? Also, I can't access the shop and was wondering if there are perhaps cds available there and if so what methods of payment are required?
Is it myth that you can buy music on their "MySpace" page? 'Cause if so, I haven't found a way :(
Hope to make some friends here.
Also, am loving these concert pics, making me wanna see them live!
Ok, will end post here.

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Less than 24 hours before the show.
I'm bored.
This has nothing to do with The Dreaming, but anybody got a myspace?
It's just.. no one's up at 4:30 in the morning like am I. :\

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Anyong going to The Dreaming's show tomorrow?
I am.
If you are, tell know and we can meet up, like w0ah.

(For those who don't know about the show)
The Dreamning@The Whisky
Show case label!
They start at 10.
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Join music_download
This is another music downloading community because there aren't that many out there and most of those are closed already or dead. Basically, this is for sharing music with others. You can request music and recommend music. Requesting and uploading albums is acceptable. yay!