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New songs,new look!

Hey guys! Your friendly neightboorhood mod here,im so happy to see a couple updates,in honor of the new acoustic EP I gave the community a spanking new look and icon,so go take a peek!
On a side note, im not so good with codes,when you post large pics it will mess up the page a bit, if you want your entry un-altered, try to keep a pic down to 375 width or behind a cut,perhaps with a preview :)!

For all those in my situation where you cant travel to see em live, feast yourselves on a link to a video of The Dreaming playing live,their cover of "Lets Go To Bed" by the Cure :),its not the best quality...but definately worth a view!Heres the link (you can find more vids in The Dreaming's latest blog entry on Myspace!) :

heh anyways,keep the dreaming news coming...ugh..still so mad i dont live in Cali *sigh*


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