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new member and i'm baring a gift!!

hi! my name is bianca and i love the dreaming! i discovered them back in june of this year and i have been hooked ever since!!

i am glad i found this place.. i just hope it is still active!

i am also a member of their street team so if you have any questions.. please ask me!

you can find them at their myspace if you don't already know that.. http://www.myspace.com/thedreaming

browse around on their and enjoy!!

annnd now.. for the gift i promised you! THEY HAVE STARTED A NEW TOUR TODAY!!!

i am enclosing a tour widget with map so please check it out and GO TO A SHOW!!

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If anyone is still around.....

I don't know if anyone will see this, but if anyone does, would they care to give their opinions on the recently released Etched In Blood album?
I got mine on Friday, and I think its awesome! Some of the reworkings of older songs are interesting. Although there aren't as many new songs as I hoped. A fair amount of the songs have already appeared on EPs and such. But its still a great album. ]
Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
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New songs,new look!

Hey guys! Your friendly neightboorhood mod here,im so happy to see a couple updates,in honor of the new acoustic EP I gave the community a spanking new look and icon,so go take a peek!
On a side note, im not so good with codes,when you post large pics it will mess up the page a bit, if you want your entry un-altered, try to keep a pic down to 375 width or behind a cut,perhaps with a preview :)!

For all those in my situation where you cant travel to see em live, feast yourselves on a link to a video of The Dreaming playing live,their cover of "Lets Go To Bed" by the Cure :),its not the best quality...but definately worth a view!Heres the link (you can find more vids in The Dreaming's latest blog entry on Myspace!) :


heh anyways,keep the dreaming news coming...ugh..still so mad i dont live in Cali *sigh*
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Current Events

Hey everyone,

The dreaming played a show ast night at the key club opening for Metal Skool, they had a few mic problems but other than that they sounded great. They have a new song they played last night, I'm pretty sure it was called "Always and Never"

Here is the ad for the new EP "dreamo" which includes the new logo.

Also - they booked a show in Las Vegas at the Cheyanne Saloon June 3rd. Check out their myspace for details.
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SAFE SEX CHILDREN!!! Haha, I said the 's' word.

*yawns* I'm bored. My parents just got back from the rugby. I had to babysit my little brother while they were gone, meaning I had to cook dinner for myself and give him some. The rest of the time he was at his friends.

My homework at the moment is extremely challenging. For geography I have to research, Osama Bin Laden, The Pope, Hitler and BILLLIE JOE! For art I have to spend extended periods of time looking at pictures of Chris, Jinxx, Kurt Cobain and whoever the hell else I decide to draw. The only trouble is I make them ugly. :(

Well I best be off, I have new songs to put on my iPod.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find any Stabbing Westward or The Dreaming icons? My selection of icons is getting kinda old and I want some new ones. Any help would be much appreciated.