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The Doors

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The Doors – видео-концерт Live at the Hollywood Bowl” + bonus “Dance on Fire” в Харькове [16 Nov 2011|03:12pm]


Дата: 24-11-2011

Как попасть: Билеты в продаже в клубе "Pintagon" (ул. Данилевского, 26, «Слободская Усадьба» , тел.: 701-40-08,
701-40-05). Стоимость билетов: 25 грн (предпродажа) и 30 грн (в день показа)

Встреча: 19.00 в клубе "Pintagon" (ул. Данилевского, 26)

Комментарий: Загадочные, мистические, иносказательные тексты песен и яркий образ вокалиста группы, Джима  Моррисона, сделали группу The Doors едва ли не самой знаменитой и равно же противоречивой группой своего времени.

Моррисон привлекал поклонников группы своим необычным поведением. Он вдохновлял молодых бунтарей той эпохи, а загадочная смерть музыканта ещё более мистифицировала его в глазах поклонников.

24 ноября в клубе «Pintagon» мы представим вашему вниманию запись концертного выступления группы в амфитеатре Голливуд Боул (самый большой открытый амфитеатр в США), состоявшееся 5 июля 1968 года.

Помимо видео-концерта, интересным дополнением вечера станет компиляция 14-ти лучших треков группы (видеоклипы, записи с различных концертных и телевизионных выступлений)

Клуб «Pintagon», пожалуй, самое уютное заведение для подобного вечера. Небольшой, уютный и насквозь пропитанный музыкальными настроениями. А наличие бара публики, разделяющей ваши музыкальные взгляды, а также большой экран помогут не только окунуться в музыку The Doors, но и полностью раствориться в ней.

Билеты в продаже в клубе «Pintagon» (ул. Данилевского, 26, «Слободская Усадьба» , тел.: 701-40-08, 701-40-05). Стоимость билетов: 25 грн (предпродажа) и 30 грн (в день показа)
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G&T - Light My Fire (The Doors acoustic cover).mp3 [02 Dec 2010|07:30pm]


Скачать можно тут: http://twiturm.com/vbzi6

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The Doors Redux [14 Mar 2010|04:18pm]

I've addressed Paul Nelson's writings about the Doors before, back in June of 2008 ("Perceiving the Doors"). In that same entry, I mentioned that award-winning director Tom DiCillo was at work on a Doors documentary. Now that DiCillo's movie, When You're Strange: A Film About the Doors, is preparing for its U.S. premiere (in select theaters on April 9) and the Internet is abuzz with anticipation, it seems like a good time to post this ad from July 1967, which incorporated part of Paul's Hullabaloo review about the band's first album. Just click on the image to enlarge it.

And, while we're on the subject, here's the trailer to DiCillo's film, which is artfully composed entirely of period footage, much of it previously unreleased.

Should you miss DiCillo's film in the theater, fear not: it's also scheduled to appear on PBS's American Masters series on May 26.

Copyright 2010 by Kevin Avery. All rights reserved.

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Check out my Closet!!!!! [29 Dec 2008|11:49am]



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Джимм Моррисон про кино [25 Aug 2008|05:32pm]

“Хорошая черта кино - то, что здесь нет специалистов. В кино нет авторитетов. Каждый может сопоставить с собой и вместить в себя всю историю фильма - этого вы не можете сделать в других видах искусства. Нет специалистов, поэтому, теоретически, любой студент знает почти столько же, сколько и любой профессор”.

Джимм Моррисон во время учёбы в киношколе
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[02 Jul 2008|11:32pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

12.8.43 ♥ 7.3.71

'The movie will begin in five moments'
The mindless voice announced
'All those unseated will await the next show.'
We filed slowly, languidly into the hall
The auditorium was vast and silent
As we seated and were darkened, the voice continued.
'The program for this evening is not new
You've seen this entertainment through and through
You've seen your birth your life and death
you might recall all of the rest
Did you have a good world when you died?

Enough to base a movie on?'Collapse )

"I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps 'Oh look at that!' Then whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again. And they won't be able to forget me--ever."

Please post your favorite images, quotes and/or lyrics here, and some kind words for Jim if you like.

From all of us: Rest in peace, James. ♥
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[29 Jun 2008|11:22pm]

stupid question but does anyone know what dvd this clip is on? :-[
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Perceiving the Doors [10 Jun 2008|07:27am]

Paul Nelson didn't write a lot about the Doors--and he only briefly met Jim Morrison--but what words he did put to paper were poetic, to the point, and unashamedly revealing of a critic yearning to understand not only the the band's music but the nascent and far from established new art form called rock & roll. For instance:

And Jim. To see him sing is like witnessing a man dangling in some kind of unique and personal pain. Watching Morrison come face to face with some ultimate truth in song can be truly frightening. The shrieks and screams come from a subconscious layer under the conscious artistry: Morrison is levels, not all of them pretty.


When I learned that the intense and talented writer and director Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion, Box of Moonlight, and his most recent film, Delirious, are among his best) is feverishly at work on a Doors documentary, I forwarded him Paul's rare writings about the group, the best of which is "Perceiving the Doors," a piece written for the long out-of-print songbook We Are the Doors. "What an amazing writer," DiCillo responded. "It is pretty astonishing. I particularly liked his analysis of the Doors' sound":

When they play, they seem to be held together by both terrific, almost terrifying, strength and by sheer nervous tension. They expand, contract, and the song is stretched like a live thing to a point of birth or breaking or both. The passion is always contained within the control. Ray [Manzarek] plays the organ like a holy man, his thoughts almost as visible as smoke, while Robby [Krieger] oozes out those slow, melted flamenco notes as if he were shaking them from a slow-motion guitar. John [Densmore] is all speed and power on the drums, a perpetual-motion machine. And Jim. To see him sing is like witnessing...

"It is close to my own view of what distinguishes the group," DiCillo continued, "but he writes extremely eloquently and with real, knowledgeable detail. I thought his review of the first album showed real perception." In fact, so alive was Paul's forty-year-old prose that DiCillo had a request: "Can you please pass my admiration on to him?"

I informed him that Paul had passed away in 2006. "I had no idea," he replied, "It touches me deeply. It has much deeper meaning now." 

Copyright 2008 by Kevin Avery. All rights reserved.

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Jim and Pam community [04 Jan 2008|03:53pm]


If you want to join click here jim_pam_daily 

Direct Link  http://community.livejournal.com/jim_pam_daily/profile

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Patricia Kennealy's book [31 Oct 2007|09:51am]

It's here at this link: http://www.lulu.com/content/1164503. A rock n' roll murder mystery. It sounds like a lot of fun.

And her live journal is pkmorrison.

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Patricia Kennealy Morrison... [27 Oct 2007|09:29pm]
 ...has a live journal, pkmorrison. It's friends only, but anyone can read it. She has a new book coming out, a rock n' roll murder mystery. Details are on her journal.
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[25 Oct 2007|03:51pm]

I happened to stumble across the episode of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour that the Doors appeared on so I just thought I'd post a link and the times when they appear. It really is a fantastic performance (well, except for the part where Jim forgot the words a little on 'Touch Me', as John points out, but it's not too noticeable.)

Sorry I can't get a direct link to this. Try this one and then just click on the link with The Doors and then the big continue to content one. Indirect Link :(

7:32 they play "Wild Child"
27:07 John talks a little about Robby's black eye and the big awkward pause where Jim forgets to come in on "Touch Me". they play the song right after (at 27:45).
42:10 they have just a little bit of John being a little adorkable (but not saying anything important/enlightening).

Some random little facts about the performanceCollapse )

And, uhhhh, that's all I have right now, so I hope you enjoyed.
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Was it this week I was supposed to do the pic-spam or last week? [16 Sep 2007|07:47pm]

Ok, so some of the stuff is posters that I don't have (although I'd pretty much die of awesome if I had the Universal Mind one), some really common pictures, and just some more random stuff I have kickin' around so I hope some of it is new to you. Don't worry, this (incl. previous posts) probably isn't even half of my stuff so there could be more coming if you'd like.

I was turnin' keys, I was settin' people free...Collapse )

So yeah, I really hope I didn't repeat myself on any of these. Do enjoy :)
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Oh, well aren't we a lively community now? [06 Sep 2007|05:34pm]

Right, so I recently got "Other Voices" and "An American Prayer" (on vinyl of course) and there were liner notes in American Prayer!!!! :D YAY! Hence the scans of some of the pictures in them and the centrefolds for you. (Sorry jambco7800, this isn't the massive picture dump I owe you.)

Click if you love liner notes!Collapse )
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Icons! [05 Sep 2007|01:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

We got Photoshop CS3 at work and I figured I'd make some icons to try out the program.

The Doors Icons!Collapse )

Take them if you'd like, it'd be nice if you could credit me for them...

PS: I got all the pictures (except the "Just Jim" one) from poor_echo. So, poor_echo, if you see this, thanx and I'd love it if you could post some more for future icons and lots of drooling.

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A few icons to keep the community alive [26 Aug 2007|08:27pm]

I wish this community updated more (in English) because I love The Doors so I have taken it upon myself to do it. here are some icons I just made, most because I was playing with fractals.

[insert Doors lyric here]Collapse )
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Посвящение Джиму! [22 Aug 2007|06:04pm]

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Jim was killed [09 Jul 2007|03:53pm]

Here’s a version of Jim Morrison’s death which explains all the mysteries surrounding it.
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This is the end... [03 Jul 2007|12:30pm]

"I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then - whoosh, and I'm gone... and they'll never see anything like it ever again, and they won't be able to forget me - ever."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

R.I.P. James Douglas Morrison
December 8, 1943 ~ July 3, 1971
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[11 Jun 2007|06:42pm]

So does anybody know French? I only pretend to speak it (because of my very French sounding last name), I only knowing a few phrases from elementary school, but that still couldn't stop me from buying this book.

It does have a very nice cover ;)Collapse )

Yeah, sorry for the random update, just trying to keep the community "alive she cried..."
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