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Is someone or can someone rip the new songs off of their myspace?
"In Arms" unreleased.
It's possible they might release it later but also skeptical.
I have no clue how, let alone what equipment i might need to do that.
But it would be very much appreciated :]

Last show...

For those who don't know, The Divorce's last show is going to be June 30th at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle.
I'm pretty sure everybody should go and show them how much we love them!
There will be an all-ages one, followed by a 21+ show.

I didn't see Randi's post. BUT...

That being said, we should all post a really good memory we have involving them. =]

Mine: Driving to Longview with a friend just to see them, even though the next day we were seeing them in Seattle. We definitely surprised them... and it was tons of fun!
Daniel, LOST, Eloise


Did anyone go to the show in Bremerton tonight / did anyone get pictures? I went, but totally spaced grabbing my camera before leaving my house for the hour and a half drive. I'm mad at myself, I tell you that.
Anyway, if anyone has pictures, they'd be much appreciated. Thank you!