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get the gravestones ready let the epitaph read:: [entries|friends|calendar]

i think that living here is gonna be bad for my lungs and what to do when it's five to two and my bar tab has been rung well i forgot to make it seem like i still care but you keep coming back my god you're so unaware...that i've got you........................
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[03 Dec 2007|12:33pm]

hey kids, there's a facebook group now: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21444205448&ref=nf

join it!
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[19 Jun 2007|09:23pm]

Is someone or can someone rip the new songs off of their myspace?
"In Arms" unreleased.
It's possible they might release it later but also skeptical.
I have no clue how, let alone what equipment i might need to do that.
But it would be very much appreciated :]
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Last show... [18 Apr 2007|08:31pm]
For those who don't know, The Divorce's last show is going to be June 30th at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle.
I'm pretty sure everybody should go and show them how much we love them!
There will be an all-ages one, followed by a 21+ show.

I didn't see Randi's post. BUT...

That being said, we should all post a really good memory we have involving them. =]

Mine: Driving to Longview with a friend just to see them, even though the next day we were seeing them in Seattle. We definitely surprised them... and it was tons of fun!
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[18 Apr 2007|08:34pm]

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Come welcome the boys home! [13 Nov 2006|08:25pm]

This Saturday the 18th
The Divorce
@ the Crocodile Cafe
w/Fleet Foxes & With Friends Like These

♥ ♥ ♥

Fresh from CMJ and a month on tour! Bring them cupcakes. They'll love you.
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[15 Oct 2006|10:31am]

Snazy new haircuts!
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[23 Sep 2006|01:33pm]

the divorce at the old firehouseCollapse )
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[20 May 2006|10:40am]

[ mood | working ]

For anyone who missed the guys on KZOK Friday morning, here is a link to the audio.

click = magic

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Bremerton [29 Apr 2006|01:08am]

Did anyone go to the show in Bremerton tonight / did anyone get pictures? I went, but totally spaced grabbing my camera before leaving my house for the hour and a half drive. I'm mad at myself, I tell you that.
Anyway, if anyone has pictures, they'd be much appreciated. Thank you!
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[16 Apr 2006|06:58pm]

oh yeah, here's the pictures from friday.Collapse )
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[16 Apr 2006|02:05pm]


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[19 Jan 2006|03:20pm]

Catch the love boat across the water to Kirkland on Saturday, January 21 to soak in the hits from these bands:

* The Divorce - They're super sexy and rad.

* Super Deluxe - They're super sexy and rad.

* Young Sportsmen - They're super sexy and rad.

* The Conversation Heart - They're lame.

* Billy Ray Cyrus - Yes, he will be there.

$7 gets you all this...and more! much, much more. It gets you suburban street cred...and something to do on a saturday night. maybe you'll make a love connection, and your saturday nights will be forever booked...so, $7 is a small price to pay for this kind of action.


the fun starts at 7 pm if we're lucky there will be a dancing twinkie.
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Heyy [29 Dec 2005|03:38am]

So I'm new to the community but I had already looked at it on my old livejournal account.
And I've liked The Divorce for a good while.
I guess I'm just here to say hi.
I think I'm gonna see them on the 21st of January.
And... that's it. :)
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[24 Dec 2005|07:11am]

[ mood | curious ]

So, I have this theory brewing in my head that the boys have possibly been signed? Perhaps they have made an announcement and I missed it, but all signs seem to point in that direction. I mean, their new MS pic was taken in Hollywood which really means nothing until you consider the fact that they were one of the featured bands for a bit last week. That position has to be bought. Does Made in Mexico really have that kind of money? Perhaps, but I doubt it.


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[17 Dec 2005|02:01pm]

wow last night was great. and you know that band that played just before the divorce, the conversation heart. they were amazing, right? everybody should buy their cd now.
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I know it is a cardinal sin, but... [17 Dec 2005|10:24am]


That made me smile like Jimmy on ecstasy.

Not that I have ever seen Jimmy on ecstasy, but one can imagine it would be quite the smile!
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The Portland Mercury on Shane Berry [05 Dec 2005|04:45pm]

"...slinky frontman Shane Berry throws himself around the stage and vamps like the lovechild of David Bowie and Steven Tyler..."

- 12/02/2005
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Two tour e-mails and no update?!?! [03 Dec 2005|10:14am]

The Divorce have a tour journal set up for their lovely outing with the Lashes. It is sure to leave you in stitches on the edge of your seat.

Check it out HERE!
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[19 Nov 2005|11:55pm]


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[14 Nov 2005|05:05pm]

does anyone know where i can WATCH the video for 'yes!'

i would really like to see it

by the way,
im jessica
and im new
ive been listening to the divorce since theyve started out
i love them to death
im seeing them friday at hells kitchen
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