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Lounging Area

A servant leads you to me. She taps me on the shoulder and I turn, facing you. I’m wearing a long flowing black dress. My skin is as pale as the moon itself. My long black hair hangs from my head and rests on my shoulders. You hear music playing in the background and see people chatting.

I smile. "Hello. And welcome to my home. Come in and relax. Drink. Lounge. Eat. Make yourself at home. Make yourself at ease."

[Come here to have casual conversations with other members. There are couches, movies, CDs, and a TV set.]

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You walk outside into the graveyard. The cool night breeze blows against you. The moon’s pale light gently kisses you. You feel the dewy grass under your feet and look around. You see rose bushes, dozens of old, vine-covered, tilting tombstones, and angel statues. You see me sitting at the foot of one of the statues writing in a book. My lips are glistening a ruby red. My skirt is spread out around me on the grass. A raven is sitting on my shoulder. It flies away and I look up and smile at you. "Hello. I’m glad you found this place. It’s my favorite part of the castle." You hear music coming from somewhere to your right. You turn to see a young boy playing a melody on a row of small stone bells. A little girl standing next to him sings to the melody. They both look white and smoky. You realize they are ghosts. You see more of them as you look around the graveyard.

Welcome home.

[You may come here to enjoy the night or company of spirits, to mourn for lost loved ones, etc. I hope you enjoy this part of my home as much as I do.]

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A single light bulb hanging from the ceiling flickers as it swings to and fro. The air is damp. Every sound you make echoes throughout the room. The far corners of the dungeon are hidden in the shadows. Empty prison cells are lined up against the wall. Each has a crude bed, a blanket, a sink, a chamber pot and an empty tray covered with crumbs. At the end of the row of cells, there are my torture devices (you are NOT to touch these unless I have you strapped down to one). To the left of that, there is a wall with hundreds of assorted weapons hanging from it.

[Here, you may volunteer for me to strap you to one of my torture devices (I won’t kill you, you’ll only wish I had). You may also use the weapons to fight other members, but keep the fighting friendly. Only I am allowed to kill members. I may put you in one of the prison cells if I think you should be punished. You will be banned from accessing any other room for the next free days. I will give you the exact date of when you will be released. You may also sleep in the cells if you wish.]


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Dining Hall

A long table sits stretched across the room. A red velvet tablecloth is spread across the table. There is a plate of food, a glass of wine (for mortals)/blood (for vampires), a cloth napkin, and silver utensils at every place setting. A large chandelier hangs over the table illuminating everything. I’m sitting at the end of the table sipping my glass of blood. My necklace is glittering in the candlelight. A raven is sitting on the rim of my plate.

We have chicken, turkey, potatoes, fruit, pastries, cakes, and drinks. Eat anything you like and I hope you enjoy yourself.


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Ball Room

A man is playing a piano in the corner of the room. A woman is sitting on the piano playing a violin. Together, they play a sweet song that drifts throughout the room. Moonlight pours through the high windows in the wall onto the white floor. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a raven perched on one of the windowsills. Don’t fret. It’s only my pet watching everything you do. You’ll see this raven from time to time throughout the castle.

[Bring/meet a partner here to dance with.]

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Music Room

I am sitting at a huge pipe organ playing Lacrimosa’s "Seele in Not".

"Hello," I say to you as you walk in, without looking up from the keys.

[For your listening pleasure, I give you Gotham Radio: http://status.gothmetal.net/cool.htm

This is a place for you to discuss music. I will post links for free music downloads (I promise that it’s legal and that it will not cause viruses or put spyware on your computer). I will put these links in the memories to make it easier for you to find them.]