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Azriel angel


OMG! What is this? You mean, an actual post, much less an update?

Its true, your eyes do not decieve you ! ^_^

First. I wanted to announce that the most fantastic sangluna will be the new, other half of the Gemini. ^_^ She exhibits an enormous amount of elegance and talent in her art. Not only that but I feel our art could compliment eachother's nicely in such a project.

Please check out her works at http://sangluna.deviantart.com/gallery/

What about the rest of the artists and projects? Well, I am still think about what to do with this. I definitely want to do something to help artists improve, grow and even create portfolios.

I would however, really like to hear any ideas from the people who are a part of it. What sort of themes would you like to do or see done?

I am tempted to do something along the lines of what a friend is doing and drawing animals based on EDGE. Doing more to make art and support these animals.

So , what do you all think? ^_^

Now I'm just gonna go give the info page a bit of an update!