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Dark Gemini Studio

Creative art projects

The Dark Gemini Project
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Two Distinct Styles. One Massive Visual Project

In the darkness swirled a mystery.
Ageless and absolute.
And from this energy, this singular entity, arose two forms.

Twin flames from a single candle.
Male and female, yin and yang, Vice and Versa.
This was the begining of the Gemini, the twins born of darkness, of promises,
beauty and enigma.

What Have They Come For?


Liger and Ultraviolet combined their creative and artistic energies for one massive, on-going project. The idea behind it was to create, have fun, strengthen their talents, and hopefully to create unique and striking images for all tastes.

They were to create art in various flowing themes. As the project themes are chosen by the two artists, of a singular species and a single environment-theme and is combined. Then seperatly, each artist creates the theme as they interpret it, one creating a male of the species, while the other creates a female of the same species.

This is the primary idea behind the project.

Should you have any questions, comments, or other inqueries, please contact us at thedarkgemini (at) hotmail (dot) com

This Project, once ceased, has now been ressurrected in the fond memory of
Liger (aka Jerime, Kylee Seriff, Noel, or Miko).
May he live on within his art and the continuance of the project :)

Thankyou for your interest!


(click on the names to view the artist's full gallery)

Founding artists were Liger and Ultraviolet

*The Dark Gemini*

ultraviolet - Ultraviolet: Versa Gemini.
sangluna - Sangluna: Vice Gemini.

*Studio Artists*

pipkin - Pipkin
defenbaugh - Paul Defenbaugh
bubblerat - Bubblerat
mistystriker - MistyStriker
puppehkat - Puppehkat
isteillia - Sorandra
suule - Suule
tiger_melanie - Tigers Kitten
wallaby_girl - White Sage