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Would like to remind some of the people who joined, still have to apply, if they would like to become a full on studio artist.

All you have to do is make a post with the name you use as an artist, and a link to your preferred gallery.
Please don't be disheartened if you're not accepted. Id like to keep things focused on 3 things, character design, vibrant environments, and overall originality. I want to give everyone a chance, but I also want this to become something of good standard.

However don't let this become something disheartening to artists. Everyone who contributes will have their name and links/info placed in any publications made. I may even take a step out on a limb, and make a publication for those who put so mush love and time into their art but otherwise don't get accepted into high-end galleries or publications. I want everyone to bee seen artistically :) We all work hard and all deserve a bit of the limelight :)
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I am resurrecting The Dark Gemini Project.

As a means of letting the late artist, Liger live on through a project we started together. I know he would of loved to see project, however small, move forward, just for the simple love of art.

I have yet to decided just how to carry on. However I would like to call upon any artists who may be interested in being a part of the project with me. I'd like to find one artist to join me in the main project, doing what is described on the info page. I would take more than one artist on for the main project, but i feel that would be destroying the original idea me and Liger brought together.

I would like other artists to be a part of side projects, however. Any side projects would be set on harvesting creativity.
I'd like to bring in a variety of talented artists to discuss the various projects or themes we would use. Hopefully bring some organization together.

Eventually I would hope some sort of periodical folio or publication would emerge from this.

The artist who joins me for the main project will also become a mod, and so will a couple of others. Any help I can gain will be widely accepted and appreciated :)

Any interested artists should post a link to their preferred gallery, also including the name or alias they prefer to go by and if they would like to be co-artist on the main project.

Everyone accepted will be placed as a general studio artist until I decide on an artist to work with.

The co-artist and myself will both have to agree on a theme, what gender we'd like to create and what species. Once done we'd agree on a time span to finish the work in.

For studio artists, concepts and themes will have to be arranged after some talking and organization has been done and overall agreed upon.

Feel free to ask all you want, knowing me I left alot out :P or contribute to any ideas :)
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