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So, thanks to the help of wytelyon I now have the site for DG hosted and a domain name ^_^

No contents as of yet, but its a start!

It will be at

I will hopefully get to put up at least something shiney for it in a few days.

What sort of content should the site have?
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OMG! What is this? You mean, an actual post, much less an update?

Its true, your eyes do not decieve you ! ^_^

First. I wanted to announce that the most fantastic sangluna will be the new, other half of the Gemini. ^_^ She exhibits an enormous amount of elegance and talent in her art. Not only that but I feel our art could compliment eachother's nicely in such a project.

Please check out her works at

What about the rest of the artists and projects? Well, I am still think about what to do with this. I definitely want to do something to help artists improve, grow and even create portfolios.

I would however, really like to hear any ideas from the people who are a part of it. What sort of themes would you like to do or see done?

I am tempted to do something along the lines of what a friend is doing and drawing animals based on EDGE. Doing more to make art and support these animals.

So , what do you all think? ^_^

Now I'm just gonna go give the info page a bit of an update!
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Hello, sent an email to ultraviolet to make sure this place isn't dead! Now that I know its not, I'm applying.

Artist name: White Sage, although some call me Fry and some call me Wallaby, pick your preferance.

I'd really like an apprenticeship, practice makes for improvement and I'm ready to get all the practice I can!

The only gallery I have to show is DeviantArt. Meager pickings, although I'm proud of them. There's older stuff in scraps that I'm not quite so proud of. (There's only three peices so go with the recent two.)

Here's hoping to see more of y'all in the future.
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Just want people to know the project hasn't died. After all I did say it would be a while before I truely brought this into the public ;D

I'm about to start pimping this place to the public and just going to update you all with some of the info (Which I also posted on my art community).

I want the original idea behind DG to grow and be something more than just two artists working together, but a whole communituy working on many projects and to strive for artistic growth and excellence. It's going to have several levels or aspects to it.

1. Apprenticeship level - This level means the artist is part of the group, but has some work to go before they will be brought into official folio projects. There will monthly challenges set up for Apprentices, aiming to help them better themselves. Apprentice's art will be open to critiques and continually helped and encouraged in anyway, by any one in the community. At some point we may discuss releasing a CD full of apprentices works as means of exposure for these artists with great potential :)

2. Studio Level - This Level is for artists who are accepted as folio quality. Seperate themes or challenges will be given to them to submit for themed folios which we will discuss in the future. Though anyone can submit ideas for folio themes. I would like to make at least one themed, hard copy folio a year. But this may change in time. Of course these will be published and sold and there is money to be had once they have been made.

3. Prime Level - Right now there will only be one other of these accepted. This will be the other artist I work with. An artist willing to devote time to continue the official part of the dark gemini project. I will, in time, choose the artist to work with.

All in all the whole project and community's goal will be to improove artists current skills as well to expose thier talents :D (Oh no, bare naked talents!)

Basically people can apply with samples of their art work. Based on this they become either a Studio level artist or an apprentice artist. Right now, I am thinking there will only be one other space available for a Prime level artist.
Eat me! (grrr)

Just a note..

I can't seem to get invitations working properly. Apparently I am doing it correctly, but no one seems to receive them.

ANyone have any ideas?

Failing that, You are more than welcome to direct other artists to this community, if you like. spread the words or suggest it to artists you'd like to work with or admire.

And also, is there a way to get it to use the default community icon when I post? Thankyou :)
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Critiques and apprentices.

I want this to eventually become a great community. A community driven towards excellence, for the simple love of your art :) I've decided to to a little more with this.

I want artist to be able to come here and learn just as much as they are able to share. So i want this to not only be a a project for artists to do creative works together but also a critique community. A place to grow learn and improve :)

I want to encourage everyone :)I personally, love helping artists, or watching them grow into their full potential. And so, I have been accepting some artists as 'apprentices'.
I and other artists will teach you every way we can to reach your fullest. :) Critiques will be a big part of this, with all the brutal honesty, and equal kind encouragement needed. Full descriptions and redlines will be given by me on every piece submitted for critique. I will actively ask other artists to critique images. I will also use some of the teaching skills I gained from my tutors in college to help you refine your skills :)

I will do all I can for you.

I know I cannot do this alone so I will be asking for assistances from many other artist, should they become a part of the community.

Thankyou everyone who has joined and applied :)
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Hi :D

Artist Name: Tigers Kitten
Preferred Gallery:

although, if I may, I haven't updated it because I've got a couple WIP's that I'm pretty proud of (since my last update I've been trying to improve on my faces, to make them look more like the animal they're supposed to be) so this sketch is a pretty good representation of what I'm drawing at the moment (although it's really REALLY not close to being finished ;)

Thanks :D
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