newbie and questions!

I've been lurking here for a while, and decided to post and say hi to everyone:) (and to also ask a favour, but I'll come to that!)

I've loved the crow for ten years (film, comics, novels, etc) and I never get tired of it! so much so in fact, The Crow is the subject for my MA at university. I'm studying Creative Writing by Research and writing my own crow story, backed up with a heap of crow history, and fanfic history. I am now grovelling at your feet here, and asking you all if you'd be able to take the time to fill in a few questions i have on the crow and/or fanfiction.

you don't need to answer every question if they don't apply to you or take much time answering them, but it would be wonderful to get some comments from other hardcore crow fans.

please please please! click on the link if you want to help me in my research! or even if you just wanna talk crow, I don't mind! anything to do with the crow is a plus in my book!

for the love of crow
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I'm new to livejournal and so my first mission was to find a few communities I could settle into... luckily I stumbled upon this one... like the rest of you guys I am obsessed with the crow, especially the comic by james O'Barr but the FIRST movie was great as well... nobody I know knows about the movie the only thing they know is its the only thing I get all squealy fangirl about so its a nice change to see some people who love the crow as well... i think I'm going to like this community

hello night

Hello all! i just happened to stumble upon this commmunity. I love the crow and all things the crow. i saw the orginal with brandon lee in it when it first came out. and i have all three of the other crow movies. I am seventeen and i live in Rhode Island. Small but w.e. talk to you all later.

Resting in hell,
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Hey, guys. I'm new here. I've always liked The Crow. I rememeber watching as a child now I'm 19 and I still watch it. But it makes me cry. I have a shirt of the Crow and I actually dressed up as him too. I'm girl by the way if you haven't noticed. I'm even wearing black lipstick. ^^
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