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_theclique: *has been dead for over a month*
holly: *pokes it with a stick*
flies: *have already devoured most of _theclique*

hey guys, don't forget about this hurr community. _theclique is like, totally the best thing that's ever happened to livejournal.
...or not.

holly's failed attempt: *looks around and leaves*
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alex frost royally_screwed


1. Name: anh
2. What kind of shoes: vans&chucks oh snapizzle
3. Band list: fall out boy, eiffel65, hellogoodbye, underoath, the postal service, death cab for cutie, brand new, soco, story of the year, vendetta red, my chemical romance
4. Location: arkansas
5. Stereotype yourself: loneeeeeeeer
6. Pictures (optional): no dice :(

abortion: im okay if the girl was raped, but if she had carefree sex, oh damn keep the baby. :-/
anarchy: erm.makesmemad.
preps vs punks: thats gaaaaay fuck sterotypes.
rating communities: ew OMGAH I LOVVVE YOU YOU'RE HOT. ACCEPTED HOMIE. ew you're ugly go kill yourself~!*~2 k fuck those damn rating communities >:O
the death penalty: im against it. they should have a choice life in prison / the death penalty or something like that. :-x
hello kitty: uh. she freaks me out. go away.
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