May 9th, 2005

Oblio and Arrow

a request

time to take a head-count.
methinks that every member who has failed to show their activeness in the form of an entry during the next week will be frowned upon by the clique-gods.
yes! you heard me; a call for action. this is a flipping community, isn't it? please post by monday, may 16th, or prepared to be shunned!
here are suggested subjects to post about:
the last concert you attended, your preferred form of government, your favorite online flash movie, your crush, how you spent mother's day, a current event, your math teacher, or a quote from your favorite movie. remember, these are only suggestions, and graphics always make posts pretty.
i will demonstrate this request right now:

my best pair of shoes are some two year old classic vans. they're red and black plaid. i love plaid, possibly more than life itself. and red shoes are cool too.
although they're all falling apart now, they were at perfectly worn-in status for quite some time. they've been on so many adventures. i've walked in them in 4 states. but i fear, it is soon to be time to retire them, the tread is non-existant and the fabric has freyed.
i hope you don't hurt your eyes from the glare off of my pale skin:
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(no subject)

the last concert you attended: i believe that was the one with sweet catastrophe and freelance, i mean alex and greg's band. i had fun, we danced and the venue was nice.
your preferred form of government: anarchy, but since peace wont exist in this society, A DEMOCRACY that works
your favorite online flash movie: the one on with the fish that witty made. ok well its not my favorite but i love the high pitched voice he makes. and in salad fingers when he is talking to his pet bug, accidentaly squishes it, and then tells it to take a shower because it is dirrty.
your crush: *leaves blank*
how you spent mother's day: i visited my grandma. we brought her bagels. my brother asked the woman helping us at the bagel store for her number, she was stunned and then realized he meant the store, and not her.
a current event: i dont read the newspaper.
your math teacher: i went to extra help today because i need it.
a quote from your favorite movie: (garden state)
"i had a pleasant evening, and by the way, it says balls on your face"

afterwards he is getting a catscan and there is writing all over his chest lol.
ok well its not my FAVORITE but i love that quote

i love this picture, i took it in september but its still one of my favorites.
i_am_anarchy oh snap!