Love like you've never been hurt... (fadingemptiness) wrote in _theclique,
Love like you've never been hurt...

Even the true moderator bows down to TEH Hollister.

I shall show my activeness in my community... now.

So far, I have found some very amusing pictures that just make me laugh my ass off.

Pour exemple, isn't this a freaky picture? He reminds me of a muskrat about to jump on his prey:

Image hosted by

And then, here's a picture of my soon to be ex-crush:

Image hosted by

And who is that crazy psychotic girl running down the hallway? 'Tis me, tis me:

Image hosted by

I give credit to Max max_the_man and Sarah i_am_anarchy / electric_color for these tres amusant pictorals.

Alright, that is all. I'll stop spamming nows, I swear! :)
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