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a request

time to take a head-count.
methinks that every member who has failed to show their activeness in the form of an entry during the next week will be frowned upon by the clique-gods.
yes! you heard me; a call for action. this is a flipping community, isn't it? please post by monday, may 16th, or prepared to be shunned!
here are suggested subjects to post about:
the last concert you attended, your preferred form of government, your favorite online flash movie, your crush, how you spent mother's day, a current event, your math teacher, or a quote from your favorite movie. remember, these are only suggestions, and graphics always make posts pretty.
i will demonstrate this request right now:

my best pair of shoes are some two year old classic vans. they're red and black plaid. i love plaid, possibly more than life itself. and red shoes are cool too.
although they're all falling apart now, they were at perfectly worn-in status for quite some time. they've been on so many adventures. i've walked in them in 4 states. but i fear, it is soon to be time to retire them, the tread is non-existant and the fabric has freyed.
i hope you don't hurt your eyes from the glare off of my pale skin:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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