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so umm...

alright, I just joined lj (i had a xanga before so im not completly new to online journals) and i wanted to join some communities... I'm not sure what im doing exactly, so bear with me but uh let me know if i get in this i guess.....
Name: Danielle
Location: jersey a.k.a hell
Favorite Bands (less than 15): I'll name five. i like that number better. fall out boy, something corporate, good charlotte, mest, new found glory
Favorite Stores: spencers? i don't know. i just shop wherever they have good shit
Stereotype you fit into most: people seem to classify me as "punk", "gothic" or "poser"
Why you want to join this community: because it seems interesting

Pictures (0-5): i cnat find any at the moment

Abercrombie or Hot Topic: hot topic.. even though their both overpriced. I just like hot topic because it's outside of the norm. even though norm is unormal right now. that reminds me of this girl's shirt that i saw yesterday. It said "i was uncool before it was cool to be uncool".. cause that's where i am. i was always a loser.
Prep or Punk: punk.a lot of them are nicer than preps. yet all my friends are considered as preps
Hello Kitty or Emily the Strange: hello kitty's cute. emily the strange is cool. i don't know...
Pro-life or Pro-choice: abortion is murder.
Anime; awesome or stupid: retarted.
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