You can call us _thechelseas

<3 that chelsea

For all of you who love the chelsea haircut ..
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Finally .. a community for chelseas and chelsea hawks.
Feel free to post pictures, chat about the beauty of chelseas and
chelsea hawks, and whatnot. Most importantly .. have fun! But there are a few rules ..

_ If you post 3 or more pictures .. please use an LJ cut.
[It's annoying to have to scroll for ages on your friend's page
because someone posted 9857476895 pictures.]

_Keep posts topic related please.
[Dont bounce from hairspray to talking about your polka dotted shoes.]

_ Keep your own personal bitching and drama for your OWN personal journal.
[examples- bf/gf drama, family troubles, school issues, and how your dog shit on the bed.]

_ Be nice.
[People who pick stupid fights and annoy others, will be banned.]

_Dont get crazy with promoting.
[I dont mind promoting but dont go insane with it, when I see that every single post
is promotion I will ban promoting.]

_ Dont be a stranger.
[Dont join and not post .. feel free to comment and post away.]