i came across this great place by accident & what a wonderfully delicious accident it was. now just having a problem with figuring out this whole place. if any1 has any pointers on how to get back to this community without all the hubbub PLEASE fill me in.
i love the chelsea!!! (we always called it a halo~fringe tho) way too old & fat to go the whole 9 like i did in the day but have always kept a modified fringe. right now im teaching a new stylist how to cut this style on me. she's doing ok but miss the good ole days when i could just take the osters to myself & not worry about what ppl thought or said cuz i was young, cute & kickass!!! LOL
will be posting some recent pics & oldies but goodies as soon as i figure this out & dont 4get ~ help me out here, k?

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I love this group! My chelsea's evolved gradually over the years as I have this bad habit of getting really bored with my hair and making bad decisions! Right now it's almost black, and long - about 3cm - since I'm interested in the early skinheads and mods of the late 1960s (if you look at pics the girls hair is more of a super short cut and the shaved chelsea didnt arrive until the 80s). But I'm already missing having a shaved head, so will probably change it again soon...
...hope these pics post okay....

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Tried to dye my hair blonde at a salon cost 50 bucks just for a root touch up and now my hair is fucked. its an ugly color and its dead!

I think i might shave my hair into a chelsea and start again. I've had one before many years ago (like 5 years now i think) and it looked like this...

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arc vile

EDiting this entry! :P

in case you haven't gotten to looking at my comment on my previous post, I shall inform y'all how my cut came out. BAD. just bad. i asked the hairdresser for a chelsea, she said WHA?! i had to explain it to her and she said "no no, get used to this first" and she cut my hair all one length... my boyfriend and friends and family like it, but i'm not too mom rescheduled my appointment so i can get my chelsea over spring break though :p

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