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Location:Long beach
favorite 5 Bands: Ledzeplen, franz ferdinad, the betles, fire house five, pearjame,
Movie:The Way We Were
Why? The Way We Were is about ppl who are in love but are kept apart by their basic differences
Book: The importance of the Fairy tale
A quote that describes you, or that is your personal motto.

"Our positive feelings give us the strenth to develop our rationality;only hope for the
futrue can sustain us in the adversities we unavoidably encounter."
-Bruno Bettelheim
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Name: Ninjabunni/Marte
Age: 18
Location: Norway


5 Bands: Eels, The Smiths, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Syd Matters
Movie: Velvet Goldmine/Hedwig and The Angry Inch/Edward Scissorhands
Why? have you seen them?? Whoa, The guys in them and the story and the music!
Book: Destoryer by Lars Ramslie


personal motto: Why not? I'll give it a go.