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The Burn Book

The burning starts here

The Burn Book - a place for all your rants
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Anybody , Moderated
Okay, this is a community for people to rant in. It can be about people they know, people they've bumped into, people that may have breathed wrongly. Whatever. Bring your anger and frustration and put it in _theburnbookx


[1] Posts must not include names. Well, they can include your name, but no names of others. This is just a place to vent, not to cause arguements and drama. LJ knows drama too well, and we don't need more.
[2] Posts must be under a cut. This is so that if people don't want to read it, they don't have to. Remember, all you're doing is venting you're not posting things in the hopes that people will look at them. If you want to do that, go set up your own comm.
[3] Don't flame others venting. If you do, you're likely to be the subject of their next vent. And no-one likes to know that people are angry at them, do they? Even if tHe PoSt Is WrItTeN lYk DiS, don't flame. If you don't want to read it, then don't click the cut, duh!
[4] Language must be appropriate. Sure, you can swear all you want, but if you make a post without warning others that you're swearing like a trooper, then don't blame me if people get offended. This LJ is for all sorts, not just those that have a more colourful version of the Queen's English.
[5] Remember what you've said. Don't make double posts, please. Because I will get angry, because then I have to tidy up your mess. If you feel so strongly about something that you feel the need to post it more than once, make the subject heading the number of times you want to vent it.
[6] Friends locked is there for a reason. If you're a member, please friends lock your posts. It just gives you that extra feeling of bitter-sweet revenge when you know that only certain people can read what you've written. Trust me, it works.
[7] No sex/race/age/culture etc bashing. This is for bashing people that have personally done something to offend you, either directly or just for knowing someone else. I will not tolerate group bashings. As kinky as that sounds, I'm not going to let people offend others simply because of the colour of their skin, or their sexuality, or their religion, etc. It doesn't happen, you get me?

This community is not a members-only-application-to-join-rar-rar-burn-the-people-that-didn't-get-into-such-and-such-a-comm-blah-blah-crap comm, you simply post and thats it. Non-members can post, members can post, any age, size, colour, sex, whatever. You name it, they can post. Keep it tidy, and follow the rules, and everyone can be happy in their venting.

And it would be considered quite nice if you could apologise. Just to keep things running smoothly.


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