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My heart's on overdrive.

The Burn Book
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Anybody , Moderated

This community is for all problems feminine.
Nevermind that - they don't have to be problems.
Just be yourself here. This community is for everything.
We can help you with a problem with your friends or boyfriend.
Or, if you ever just wanna explode and rant, this is your place.
If you feel like just being a bitch, you're more than welcome to be here.
Just introduce yourself, say your real name so we can add you to the list.

PLEASE PROMOTE. I don't have any banners yet. If you'd like to make one, be my guest. Until then, either use no banner or use one of the images above.

Not really any rules here. Enjoy.

Members of The Burn Book

Laura Alyssa atticusxdust AIM: TheRumorOfAngels -or- BeautyInBetrayal
Marisa sargeantemo AIM: sargeantemo -or- OUToftheVEIN424