Crea (creaonstayan) wrote in _thebigpicture,

Emily Keyes, Rest In Peace

Below is a heartfelt rant in which I am totally honest about my feelings. In the process, I am rather graphic in my descriptions of certain things...basically the horror that I see in organized religion. These descriptions might be challenging for some readers

As probably most of us already know, the poor people in Bailey, Colorado are going through living hell right about now. And now we find out that the attacker had sexual issues...and was willing to give his life for the chance to act them out. And in the process of acting on his sick impulses, he has damaged many people's lives...some forever. He killed a 16 year old girl named Emily Keyes. She played volleyball. She was close with her brother and liked to play video games. Some said she greeted everyone always with a hug.

How do people walk away from this? How do we just pick up the pieces, mop up the blood and go on with our lives? Go on living in the same way...believing the same bullshit that creates the sickness that can lead to such unthinkable horrors?

Well, I am going to say what too many others are too chickenshit to admit.

This crap has to start somewhere and we can't say it is inherent in all humanity to be so fucked up because that is just not true. There is no evidence to support this claim. That would be too fucking easy. "Oh well, what can we do? We are just fucked up, aren't we?" I don't believe that for one second.

But I guess it would be easier to say we are all just evil beings than accept that our majority beliefs...Christianity, Judaism, Islam are to blame, isn't it? What a fucking cop out.

Can't we just for one minute just entertain the possibility that if we teach people that they are sinners from birth that that might make people into "sinners"?? Teaching our babies to look at a symbol of an anorexic looking tortured man...half naked and nailed alive to a cross...teach our babies to wear this symbol around their necks believing that they are personally responsible for this torture?? Teach them to pray for forgiveness because "God" had to send his son to go through that because of how bad they are? And we are not supposed to believe that this can have any harmful affects upon society??? This is abuse!!

And then sex...the very sacred, beautiful act that brings forth life is debased to some nasty, dirty, terrible sin... and then our natural hormones kick in and we become attracted to one another and are taught that to even think of having sex with another is nasty and sinful??? What kind of crap is all of this?? How can we not see that the very things we have been teaching each other for centuries is the very cause of so much disease??? Can this really be unclear???

Are we really so completely brainwashed into being so damn scared shitless of this so-called "loving god" that to say "fuck this shit" is just never gonna happen? Are we really this cowardly? Have they truly succeeded in turning humanity totally against itself? Filled with such self-loathing will we follow these sick teachings into utter despair? Total oblivion?


I will die believing people are born to be great, loving people! I will die believing this.

Because if I stop believing in us, then I stop believing in me. And no sick, deviant piece of shit is taking that from me.

Fuck them and their disease.

Emily Keyes, may you rest in peace.

And may the rest of us come to understand that we will have no peace as long as we allow ourselves to be manipulated by false, destructive teachings.

May we awaken and be brave. Be strong enough and courageous enough to find the Truth that is alive in our hearts. I believe it is already there within us. And we find it when we learn to love ourselves again.
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