Crea (creaonstayan) wrote in _thebigpicture,

Codes of Lies

Many people in this world are not motivated to seek Truth. Many are doing just fine living under a Code of Lies. A code of lies that was designed to benefit them. These Codes of Lies are well ingrained into society. We take them for granted. Our fairy tales as children were based upon these codes of lies. Our fondest memories of family and home are built upon these codes of lies. These codes have been etched into our hearts and minds from our first moments on this earth.

As long as you are the type of person that benefits from these lies, you might see no reason to resist them. In fact, you might be motivated to spread the lies to ensure that your benefits will not end.

Take the issue of slavery. Many benefited from slavery. Benefited in many ways. Slaves were purchased for more than labor. They were purchased for sex. They were purchased for companionship. They were purchased to torture and kill. The bottom line is there was a Code that said it was okay to capture other human beings and force them into slavery. And MILLIONS of people over the course of history have simply accepted slavery as a part of life.

My question is how many of those millions knew in their hearts that slavery was wrong? How many? How many stood by and did nothing to try to free these human beings from this terrible fate? HOW MANY?? Not enough to have eradicated slavery from the face of the earth. In fact, slavery is still in existence today. Yes, even in the United States of America.

The Truth is, most of the "Codes" were created to "Stack the Deck" so-to-speak in a certain part of humanity's favor. But what those who created the codes didn't realize is that by straying from Truth, EVERYONE suffers!

Great is the man or woman who can fight to overturn the Codes of Lies even if they benefit from them. Great indeed!
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