... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,

Soul Search

Standing beneath a sun glazed sky, I wondered; I dreamt. I thought. I felt.

It looked as if a miracle had just happened, as a thin wisp of cloud lay, tainting the pure blueness of the sky. It was as if a meteor struck during the day and left its footprint upon a sea of blue velvet.

Letting the fresh scent of ocean breeze soak my lungs, and letting the atmosphere wash away my essence, carried unsteadily on the wind. Under and over. Under and over. The waves tucked my mind in and released its thoughts, already overflowing from this stimulation of senses.

There, simply being there, watching life continue its endless cycle of birth and decay, letting the ocean carry my worries far beyond grasp, and that streak across the sky, yes, that luminous streak of pure whiteness admist the deep blue of the ocean and the shallowness of the sky. It was then, during that split instance, I glimpsed a piece of my soul, feeling like a stranger who had guiltily pried into a window and intruded upon something secretive.

Smiling, I thanked this moment for bringing me such a miracle, as I walked wistfully back into the shadows.
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