... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,


Thoughts tumbling over the storms of my mind
Turning and returning
Yet traveling nowhere
Always holding onto some useless memory
Already devoid of meaning

Remembering the sky and the stars and their dreams
Entangled in hidden voices addressed to no one
Yet it's only silence I hear
Figments of imagination can no longer distinguish
The abyss between unbridled reveries and insanity

Hours drain and waste away
Like the illusion that is life
And the too old record called reality
Burning and destroying all in their path
Yet how can chained love always remain

I knew when we said goodbye
That it would die
It would fade and fade until no more color is left in the canvas
Inevitable as a broken winged dove that takes flight
Only my brush never had pigments to begin with

Wondering why it is that this old song should replay itself
Over and over and over again until ears could turn deaf
But they never do, and eyes never sleep
Eternally struggling to breathe these futile verses somewhere I can reach you
Even if just to be forgotten

Not trapped within the prison they can't escape from
As the passion in them dwindles and wanes
Forever locked inside a frame of remembrance
Until they are still and
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