... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,

Life Is Dead

Life is dead
Dead and hollow and empty like the swaying bare branches
Sharp as eyes were deprived of their rose-colored lenses
What it's like to be taunted by an untruthful mirage of peace
Sanctuary never to be found admist tumbling waves within the mind
Always passions resurfacing
In memory does misery live
Voices still recalled
In the deepest heart of sadness lies
Countless words yet unsaid, overwhelming
Boiling over, tingling inside every drop of blood that flowed through veins

Life is dead
Dead like the dull sound of time ticking and ticking away
Wasted, abandoned, used, never to be regained
Yet how can one live inside an image unconveyed
How can one live in a moment's longing
As thoughts continue to trickle away, lost
As the stream of vitality carries yet more drifting leaves
Toward their destination of the blackest ocean, to be buried and forgotten
Still only the loss of time remains when all else had been destroyed
Pyres of emotions aflame
Love and hate burnt to ashes upon shores eroded

Life is dead
Dead like the opaque silence of the night
Dead like remembrances never to be revived
Dead like verses with no meaning
Dead, dead, dead
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