... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,


Rippling surface draped in silky velvet
Darkness lurks yet nowhere in sight
Shadows chant a myth of their own
Centuries of glory lie faded upon bare bricks eroded
To be replaced with naught but haunting screams of voices to be heard
Twisted truths yet to be revealed
Some horrible crime unknowing souls committed
Left yet vanishing traces of footsteps echoing
Upon walls that housed chained freedom

Once intricate carvings deprived of life
Hollow eyes staring yet not seeing
Seemingly tears of sorrow trickle down their faces
Grave and rigid as the stones which made
Unreal gateways leading into the obscure

But do heed the warning of the spirits
A whisper here and there
Occasional visions composed of countless stories yet untold
Do walk forward with eyes open, flames illuminated --
-- For in another moment
The spider webs could entangle you in their maze
As still statues bring forth their true forms unmasked

You, a prisoner of the dungeon
Yet another past never to escape the unmerciful grasp of history
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