... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,


And I lay my hands on emptiness
Attempting to wrench pity from nothing
Transforming mere thoughts into notes unsung
Stringing together shreds of broken memories
Ancient melodies out of tune
Vibrations in the air lingering
Stinging of traces yet left of aching
Thoughts mingled with bitterness
I taste my own solitude
Savoring isolation
At the same time despising the invisible barrier
The veil rendering my face unrecognizable
Deep scars buried within the echo of my own heart
Reminiscencing of desire
Reeking of decay
Only the foreign scent of mystery could dull
Blind to the clouded windows of knowledge
That consume consciousness
Visions folded within darkness
Stripped of the illumination of hope
And I lay my heart into the voice I sing
A lone harmony rippling with the going of the wind
Caressing a path never taken
Gently inscribing its last notes of departure
Upon stones to be eroded
Into minds to be closed
Engraving a fleeting tear of my soul
Forever onto the corrupt landscape
To be evaporated
And left with only a reminding trace
Luring those who would listen to the song of the night
As dawn bathes in light
And secrets die
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