... (remini_scent) wrote in _thebigpicture,


Kindle the flame within me
The passion that ruthlessly burns
Only to fade with time
As hot tears with the coming of dawn turn

As life flows through my veins
Caressing what coldness inside of me
Consuming my fragile soul, never to live long
Let me fly and let me be

Like what unreal dreams are made of
I come to life in that one instance
My heart embracing the surrounding still air
Every breath I draw in another chance

Kindle the flame within me
Use what little fuel I have and destroy what is left undone
I give you all of me
Mind, memories, abundantly they run

Let me bring you a light in darkness
A hope in emptiness
If you would only give me one little spark
My body it was to possess

Kindle the flame within me
Don't let me remain immobile for yet another century
My soul only prays for one life
Perpetually satisfied I will be

The fire devours me
My statue of form steadily melts
The hourglass of time had been set in motion
But immovable I was to what pain I felt

Tears filled with happiness trickle into infinity
The life inside of me is burning in elation
How content I am to be once alive
Yet slowly with each illumination

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