Your Bitch (pravoxian) wrote in _thebigpicture,
Your Bitch

hiss says Mr Cigarette

Let me set a scene for you.

11.30 p.m.,dark playground,smells like rain.

As I walked around on the sand I imagined myself crushing tiny little rocks,rocks with dreams,rocks with passion.
Rocks smarter than the current US president.
I stick a ciggarette in my mouth,its pungent odor wafts into my nostrils.I light it,my face illuminates for a moment.
Bad move prav,now people know your face.
I was extremly bored.
Cats meowed in the distance,I could hear the mourns,one of theirs has died today.

And then I see it,a light illuminates it,and I hear an angelic chorus.

4 legs, 4 chains,2 seats.

Lets ride to heaven.

I murdered over to the swing,sat my self down,and wondered.
Should I?

"Hiss" said Mr.Ciggarette.

I shoved off,murdering millions.




You can do better soldier!!
The fire is reaching my lips,I can see its glow.
It doesnt matter,all that matters is getting off the GROUND!
I reach out,I grab a star to my breast.And I spit out my cancerstick.
I scream in delight.Heaven must feel this good.
I let go of my tether and I see it,I get my moment.The stars shine brighter and the ground gets further,my hands strech out a million lightyears away and touch everything.
I am flying.For a second I truly am.Nothing else matters.

I land,its a massacre.
A tear falls,I just killed billions.
But I flew,and thats almost worth it.
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