Jennifer (fading_ink) wrote in _thebigpicture,

do i have any artists out there?


Her tainted little linen dress
Is time’s kindly token.
To hide her chips and bruises
And those eyes that never open.

A porcelain doll so real,
You’d think that she could speak,
Alas her lips are shut
Time took her voice to keep.

Glass eyes that used to shine
And blood red lips to match
Sometimes you hear a giggle
In place of ringing laugh.

And if you so conceive,
That doll upon that shelf
Seemingly unknown
Alone all by herself.

Shunned so by many souls,
Who chose to keep away
Held her in their arms,
But dropped and did not stay.

But do heed my warning
For all who dare not fear
Propped against that wall,
Her eyes are no longer here.

Some hurtful wasteful child
Hands mischievous and cold
Left her only this:
Two empty gaping holes.

if anyone can draw me a picture, paint, design something to go with this. that would be sweet.
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