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The Messenger

Fall and collapse into the unwinding realization of this
Endless thirst that you have assumed. In this
Assumption, though, have you lost the desire to be
Moonstruck? Will you rapture one soul from another's
Godsend? Could one be so Cold-hearted as to relinquish
The allure of One heart from the other heart's desire?

Will you let your own shadow consume you
To the point of changeless melancholy, or,
Could life in fact become a daydream for
More than just despondency? It is this,
In my passion, that I hope to spark a hidden
Reverence for more than just this life.

Trust in the mania of the inane and grasp the
Imagination of those who astound, not just you,
But every ideal that has ever come close to
Disproving the unthinkable. And realize that,
In all seriousness, who could actually
Impede upon the absence of reality?

Certainly the ideal of reality is more of a leap
Than the undeniable acceptance of the fantastic.
Even those who are "aware" are more discerning
To the impossible than that of the plausible. So,
who are you to decide on a suspicion that existence
Is that which seems to be most assessable?

You are no more a messenger for the abundant
Than an admirer of the absurd.
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