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_the1940s's Journal

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The 1940s
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A community for all things 40s- art, style, ads, entertainment, cars, history. Post photos, talk about what you love about the 40s. Celebrate a great decade.

Community Guidelines

1. Post announcements of new communities only if the community is related to the forties, and give a little info with the post.

Unrelated announcements of new communties will be deleted without warning. What is or is not related will be decided at the discretion of the maintainer.

2. Please do not post quiz/survey results.

3. If you post photographs, please post only the first one or two, providing they aren't too big to mess up the format of the page, and place the rest behind a cut tag (see below). This is a courtesy for those members whose connections are slower.

4. Absolutely no disrespect. No racism, no sexism, no isms basically. No racial or ethnic slurs, no hate. And no revisionist history.

For questions about LJ specific issues please be sure to check out things for yourself using these various links:

The LiveJournal FAQ Page.

LJ Cut, username and community name tags.

Other questions or concerns about the community should be addressed to the community maintainer, trashnglam.

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