I Need your Help - Please VOTE FOR ME!!!

This is so weird....

I’ve been nominated as Great British Eccentric of the Year 2009 (I think it’s odd, but I accept the nomination….I shall probably lose out to some group or fan club or clique).

So, I really would appreciate it if you could get everyone you know to vote for me.

I’ve never considered myself an eccentric (the mere approaching me to accept a nomination is an act of extreme eccentricity in itself!) but I just wonder who conjured up my name in the first place!

But if you could get them to vote (in the top right-hand corner) for Ray Frensham, that would be great!. Thank you.

The URL is:


Thank you...

weird or what!!???

German Hyperinflation

I came across an interesting article while I was doing a google search--(and if anybody knows of a non-perishable staple food of Germany in the 1920s that was at high demand, please let me know).

Anyway, while it has nothing to do with flappers, cinema, etc., but I found this article on what was going on in Germany in the early 1920s very interesting!

German hyperinflation
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I'm new and am wondering if anyone has any pictures of 1920's hairstyles... I'm having trouble finding some.

if anyone can help me out that would be great.