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:D :D THE ZIGG CLUB :D :D we ride chickens!!!
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Welcome to the ZIGG club!

Whether you hate him, love him, or don't really know who the hell he is, join!

Character profile:

Zero in the holiday In tears of mercury Give into velvet embrace Gods that see in crimson

Name:Zigg Crow
B-Day:10/14/87...i think
Hieght: 6'0"
Wieght:125 lbs.
Eyes: blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde natural (dyed black)
Hobbies: Building Websites, Being a bitch, Eating Candy, Clothing, Art
Food: Candy, Vegetarian
Transportation: Chickens, feet (loser don't even got a car)
Aesthetics: Usually found where black, something always modified or created, love jewelery and rainbow colors
25 cent rings, abortion, aesthetic humanity, androgny, androgony, animals, anorexia, blacklights, body modification, bondage clothing, boots, boys in make-up, bryan the mothchild, building websites, candy, chains, cinnamon, clothing, clothing modification, club kids, collars, corsets, coton candy, cowboy hats, creativity, cross-dressing, cuteness, cynical humor, dark-pop, darkwave, deaddreams, deaddreams community, deaddreams messageboard, dominance, drag, drawn-on-eyebrows, eletro-clash, excessive bracelets, excessive make-up, fake nails, feathers, febreeze, femme boys, fruit, fur, gender-bending, gender-fuck-ups, getting pierced, girliness, girly boys, girly girls, glam, glamour, glitter, glitter eyeshadow, good sense of humor, goth-pop, green eyes, hating zigg, honesty, http://b33.ezboard.com/bleeding, industrial music, industrial musick, ivader zim, j-rock, jelly beans, kittens, lack of eyebrows, latex, leather, long nails, loving zigg, mac eyeshadow, make-up, message boards, mohawks, mothchild, nail polish, neon clothing, neon green, noise, noize, oi punk, openmindedness, painted nails, party monster, pigtails, pop-tarts, pretty boys, pretty girls, punk, rain, rainbow colours, ride the pig, riding chickens, riding the pig, rings, robots, rpg, sewing, short people, snow, spyders, stockings, straps, street lamps, street lights, street lights on snow, strobelights, swastikas, synth-pop, synthetic hair, the colour blue, the colour pink, thongs, thrift stores, tights, trannys, trash-pop, uncommonly large spiked hair, unusually skinny people, unusually tall people, vanilla, vanilla coke, vanity, vegetarians, velvet goldmine, white/pale skin, yarn hair, yoohoo, zigg