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We're Young Ones!
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Welcome to The Young Ones
A mad, helter-skelter, rude, awesomely violent, unpredictable, swaggering, staggering, joyously infantile, exhilarating steamroller of a sitcom, The Young Ones provided the breakthrough for the new generation of aggressive and forthright 'alternative' comedians.
About this community
This community is for posting of anything Young Ones related, whether it be current news regarding the actors, questions about the show, icons or fanart, picspams of the actors, whatever, as long as it's Young Ones related!! We also regularly feature quizzes, word games, bingo and have a character placement survey. See below for more details.

Meet your mods;

Handles layouts and graphics;

Rules of the House
First Rules;
[+] All posts must be related to The Young Ones or this community
[+] Take any and all fights out of this community. Discuss it on your own journals/AIM/E-mails/Letters/I don't care, But don't bring it in here. (I don't anticipate any of the mods having to enforce this as we have had no problems to date)
[+] Place any of the following behind an lj-cut :
[-] more than three icons
[-] large pictures
[-] more than 1 or 2 regularly sized pictures
[-] large amounts of text

Community Activities
[+] When the game starts anew, comment to my big Bingo Roundup post and I’ll give you a Bingo card.
[+]Save that card to your computer so you can alter it in a program like MS Paint or Photoshop.
[+] Come back at least once every day for a few days to check which picture has been posted for the day.
[-] I’ve made the cards small (3x3) so you won’t have to sit around this community for days on end in order to win.
[+] If the picture is on your card, mark it off with a big circle, or an X or something.
[+] Three in a row (diagonal counts) gets you a win. If you win, upload the image of your altered winning card to photobucket or a similar hosting site (if you need help just ask and one of us will be happy to assist you) and post it in a comment to the post that got you your win (SHOULD BE the most recent post, unless you were just sitting around for days not noticing XD).
[+] There is no need to keep a copy of the original card; once someone has won I will make a new post and you can comment again to get into the game, where new cards will be given out.
[-] If you are active enough to check every day for bingo, then you can come back and get a new card. This is so I know how many people are actually playing. I don’t want to keep it going if in reality almost no one is doing it.

Character Survey;
[+] Place the survey behind an lj-cut
[+] Fill out the survey completely
[+] 3 Votes are necessary to be placed
[+] Try and give more than one-word answers. We can't make any judgements about what you're like if you don't give us anything to work with and if we can't tell what you are like, then we can't pick which character you are most like.
[+] The survey is subject to change. Your results will stay the same, unless you wish to retake the survey if/when we change it.
[+] Here is the list of all of the placed members.
[+] Just copy and paste the below survey into your update post:

[+] For winning a quiz, word game or bingo you will receive a gorgeous banner made by either fireflyfailure or un_ladylike to admire and even place in your user info if you want.
[+] You will also have the option of requesting an icon from un_ladylike.
[+] More details will be posted soon.

Random Extras to Decorate Your Userinfo
Here are some of our favorite quotes.

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The Young Ones are Love.

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Vyvyan Basterd is destructive sexy love.

Rick is a virgin Love.

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Rik and Ade are Comical Love.

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Rik Mayall is Orgasm on Legs Love.
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