In the third age
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Do you address your friends by their Elvish names? Ever manifested a shubbery into the White Tree of Gondor? Called someone Shelob behind her back? If so, this is the place for you!

Created to satisfy your trusty maintainers' needs to dwell in Middle-earth, this community is your passport into Arda.

The basics:

// The community theme was inspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien rather than the movies, but both forms of knowledge are welcome here {we're not interested in elitism - just fun}.
// This community is designed so that each member is able to choose his/her own Middle-earth race. Once you join please make an introductory post indicating your race and any background information you wish to include. Once your race has been assigned you may post under that identity or initiate an RPG {ie: something outside of the general community RP -like an adventure to Mordor, Sam and Frodo vacation in Gondor, etc}. RPGs are not manditory and are the responsibilty of the person initiating it. All RPG posts must be clearly labeled as such.
// Once you have your race and identity you're ready to go! Feel free to post about anything from the crummy time you had waiting in line to see Return of the King to the questionable wings of a Balrog - just as long as you maintain your identity. Remember, you're in Middle-earth now! {Fanfiction and artwork also welcome!} If you plan to post something distinctly out of character please label it OOC.
// A list of who's who can be found under Memories.
// If your entry exceedes 50 comments please post a new entry.
// Stay on topic {anything by J.R.R Tolkien}.
// Respect other's opinions. Don't be an ass to the other members or to the mods. You will get one warning after your first display of assholery and if you continue to be an ass, you will be banned. This community is for fun and the mods will not suffer it to be tainted and filled with drama.
// Keep entries short for those of us who have slow servers. Please place longer entries/images behind the lj-cut.
// We're here to have fun! Don't take everything so seriously. If you want to preach canon take your soapbox and find another community.

Possible Races: Men, Elves, Wizards, Hobbits, Dwarves, Orcs, Uruk-hai. If you'd prefer something additional please contact us, we're open to suggestions.

Your trusty maintainers are nikegurl637 and mistaria

If you would like to find out what your name is for your race then go HERE.

The Encyclopedia of Arda has been linked as the community webpage to satisfy all Middle-earth quandries!

Welcome to Middle-earth!
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