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Yes, I'm a bad bad mod.


I would like to say that if anyone wishes to start up a new quest/journey/whatever. Feel free. I will provide a back up character to anyone who wants to still play. I dont have any ideas of my own for one though so like I said, back up character.

Thanks for still sticking around everyone.
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I would love to continue. I want to finish Tali's story and get to the mines.

However, for the next two weeks, I am moving into a house. Can y'all go on and I will post when I can? Just know that i am reading, even if I dont have time to comment.
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Foalinga taps her fingers impatiently against the ground. She is watching Tali and Elwing impatiently. She bursts out:

Gods! Tali! We've been waiting here forever for you to finish your afternoon meal! How much food can you EAT? And where did it all come from?

Foalinga sighs in defeat as Tali produces yet another loaf of bread and another leg of roast. She then stands up and goes to sit next to Iaurkaliel, muttering to herself

First it was Elwing spouting out all sorts of history about some rock that was important ages ago and now Tali deciding that his next goal in life is to become a Troll... I wonder when we'll ever get to Moria.

[OOC: That was my attempt to get this RPG started again! Let's start posting again, guys!]
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addition to Celebrin son of the house of Uial

OCC: I would like to thank Alassiel for helping me figure out some important facts about my character, such as family and Important names. thanks! love you much

Celebrin was the name of the son of Elorn and Tethiril, Elorn was a Teleri from the ship Havens ruled by Cirdan. Tethiril was a maiden of Melian in Doriath; both were children of Cuivienen, and thus had no parents other than Eru. Celebrin was named simply due to the fact that he was born in a rushed time of war and urgency, thus "sliver-like" was meant to describe when he was born, the time of the crescent moon. Uial was the name of his father's house, he and his family alone, who's hair had the quality of reflecting star light or moonlight in the pattern of the stars. He now bears his father's sword which is called Lin-gladaear, song of the woods and sea, as well as other artifacts

*OCC: to learn more of him just ask, i have a full story mapped out, but I do not wan tto burden anyone with the tale thus far, just something I wanted to make known about him considering I thought his first introduction was a bit flat, once again thanks to Alassiel, cheers