The Story

A dirty mind should never be wasted...

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The Story was originally created by phef, extrapolated on primarily by peanattie. It has since become a collaboration and most recently, an rpg.

This community is an online RPG in which the players are their characters but are living an alternate life. And it's not actually dirty.

The characters within belong to themselves, we make no claim to know or be any of 'the guys' (aside from the odd chance meeting). While some plot events are based on real life, all story-arcs described within are purely fictional.

This is a closed community, please do not apply to join.
Thank you for your understanding.

The Players:


The Setting:

It has been nearly nine months since the events of 'The Story', life is carrying on as usual. Or at least, as usual as it can be since those fateful weeks.

The Rules:

-Please post at least once a week if you can.
-If two weeks pass since your last post, expect a friendly worded reminder. We will force this upon you if we have to :D
-Please include a subject heading on every post.
-Please friends lock every post.
-You may write your entries as you see fit but please stay within 'The Story' universe.
-Every so often an 'event' will occur. All characters are expected to post on such occasions.
-Comments are the life blood of the game. Nothing will progress unless things happen, so please stir your characters into having some sort of opinion!
-Please respect the other players and their story choices. Feel free to make additions to an event or offer an alternate point of view but please don't destroy thier plotline unless you have discussed it first and are in agreement as to where 'The Story' is heading. You may blantantly disregard what they have said or call them a liar as long as it is within character and does not cause 'The Story' to collapse in upon itself.

Have fun!!