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a. b. o. u. t.
The Spot is a great community where you can find layouts and graphics for your journals. This community is owned and maintained by _Lovely_Mistake so if you have any problems or questions please direct them to me.

All rules and extra information can be found in the Member Handbook. Here you should be able to find anything you have questions about. The Member Handbook is opened to the public, so everyone should be able to view it even if you are not a member yet. In the handbook there are the basic rules, as well as various FAQ's for your convenience.

Visit a sister community: icon_conspiracy

p. r. o. m. o. t. i. o. n. s.
Do not promote in this community outside of the "promotions box". There is no excuse to promote outside of the promotions box, because I'm giving you a way to promote your community under certain guidlines. Email Me your community name and a 88x31 promotions banner. Your banner will be displayed for 2 weeks, and then taken down, unless another e-mail is sent. All other promotions in the community will be deleted and marked as spam.

c. u. s. t. o. m. i. z. a. t. i. o. n.

Do you want a customized layout? Or maybe you just want a few customized graphics instead? Well, all you have to do is asked.

I ask for a $15 donation for a customized layout. Each customized layout includes the layout customized 100% to you, 2 friends only banners, 4 icons, and what ever else we discuss through E-Mails. If you would like a few customized graphics, I don't have a set amount to donate, I leave that up to you. Now, of course, I'm not going to make 100 icons for $1, thats just crazy. So, with that said, you can Email Me with any questions regarding custmized layouts and graphics. Please make sure I am TAKING REQUESTS first, then you can e-mail me about details.

EXCEPTION: Even though it may say "NOT TAKING REQUESTS" I will make exceptions for those that donate more that what I ask. If you can give a little more, than I work a little harder, simple as that.

d. o. n. a. t. e.
If you want a customized layout or graphic, or even if you just want to donate to help the community out, please click on the button below. It is very expensive to buy the programs to make these graphics and layouts, so ever little bit helps. Just click the button below:

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