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Go Join! [Wednesday,
September 7, 2005 | 3:27 pm

This community can only be viewed by members. Please do not comment under this post and ask me to add you, you can do it yourself. Just go to the user information page and click on the "join" link at the top of the page. You should be a member automatically.

Do Not Promote under this post. It willl be deleated and marked as spam.

Your Moderator

**Open To The Public**
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Member Handbook [Wednesday,
September 7, 2005 | 3:38 am

This entry is a post that will explain what this community is about and how it will be run. This post is your member handbook.Meaning, if you ever forget something, you can always refer back to this entry and refresh your memory. This entry will include the basic rules, frequently asked questions, the banned list, and much more. Some of you have followed me from other communities, but this does not exempt you from reading these. This entry will be saved in the memories section of the community. So, if at any time, you need to view it again, all you need to do is visit the memories of the community.

Now every community has to have rules, and we are no different. Please take these rules seriously, and abide by them. There is no exception to not following these rules, they are not hard nor should they be un-expected. Okay, so these will be the general rules for the community.Collapse )

If you have questions please check here before e-mailing me. After, and only after, you have read everything possible here at The Spot and you still don't have an answer to your question feel free to E-Mail Me. So, here are all of the frequently asked questionsCollapse )

Every username found here has been banned from joining the community because they have not followed the rules correctly. I reserve the right to not allow any user membership to the community. If you feel your name is on here and it should not be, please Email Me and we will talk. And finally, here is the User Banned ListCollapse )

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**Open To The Public**
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