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For anyone who wants to talk about it.

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The purpose of this community is for debate, argument, ranting, basically any exchange of ideas and views. Post what you think, post a counterpoint to someone else, just.. write. Even if a person is completely set in their views, they occasionally need someone to come along and challenge them, to make them question themselves and if what they think is really what they want to believe. Question. Think. Thinking and questioning are good, no matter what the government and public education system try to tell us.

Only one rule: Respect other's opinions. It's great to counter someone's idea, but do it respectfully.

Have fun. I'll try to post a new topic every week for people to discuss, but you aren't required (or expected) to post on that topic. Just say anything. Just say something.

If you have any questions, comment on my journal, _hergreatescape or e-mail me at cnf04@yahoo.com