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I have to give a speech on the death penatly for my law and legal class. I think Im pretty sure about what I think, but I was wondering if any of you guys have any thoughts on it that might help me out or challenge my views. Im not going to tell you what they are though, because I just want honest opinions.
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Sing it again...

"WAR...what is it good for, absolutely nothing..SING IT AGAIN...HUH!"

Hm. Think I'll just keep up with the war thing. Its not really an opinion, just something to add to things.
I haven't really told many about this, or posted it in my own journal, but I'll start here.

Most of you that know me have probably heard me mention my friend Zac. He's great, he's funny, he's crazy, and likes the ladies. A lot. He's off in North Korea now because of war. Not the war in Iraq (at least I don't think...I know some of his troop was being sent over and will be shipped over more in March to Iraq, but I'm not sure HOW they're related...)

Zac was recently allowed on leave and came home on December 27th. He left a few weeks ago..I think January 23rd or something. It was nice to see him despite of recent conflicts of how he spent his time back.

He's dying now. Or so he says. Or so he says 6 doctors have told him. He has to have heart surgery and he may have lung cancer. This is making him be back in the states for the surgery (s) and there is a good chance he'll be home for good. I kinda look at this as a good thing. I'm always worried about him being shot or something...(even though he already has been...heh. He shot himself though. In the head....haha what a guy, right?) Though I see how he views it so negativly.
He's ruined his life as far as he's concerned. He was going to spend the rest of his life in the army, and now he can't...ehh...I donno where I was going to go with this, but its damn long enough.

err....and opinion...an opinion....

Fuck war.

-<3 Leah
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Man, I hate lj for deleting a long entry I just had written out. I dont feel like re-typing it so Ill sum up what I was saying with a famous quote.
"Fighting for war is like fucking for virginity."

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Now what does one say in an introductory post? Um, Hi. Thanks for joining this, I hope it works.

Well, for the first week, I'll post a pretty broad topic: War.

Is war ever justified? Is it nessecary to stamp out evil in the world by means of war? Is there any better, realistic way that major differences between nations could be worked out? Do you think it's the fucking stupidest thing in the world? Why did war ever start in the first place? How does it relate to hate or evil? What do you think about the war in Iraq?

Like the info page says, you aren't required to post about this. Say anything you want, I'm just trying to get this started somehow.

This should be fun.