MOD//summer lovin'

alrighty, so sexxay_hunni and I came up with the idea to have a themed month to up posting and activity in the community. seeing it's winter and some people are sick of the cold and snow, if you come from an area with cold and snow of course, we thought february would be a good month for a summery theme to up moods :-) also, feb. is the month of valentine's day so love is in the air <33 please be welcome to post pictures of summery things and/or guys you like or spot worth commenting on and such!!

have fun!

comment with any questions, concerns, or ideas!!
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New management

Okie sirens. We are starting a new.

New management:

I am still the maintainer but we have new mods.

elegantangel  & ooga_chugga .

Other Info:

We obviously need more members because there are only about 5 of us who actually vote and post every day. so the new applicant,  itsybitsydiva is auto- accepted.

I want you all to go out and promote this community. There will be 15 auto-accept spots to fill. So start promoting so we can actually get this community up and running.

okie lovelys. have a great weekend.

* ~ * Rinie * ~ *

Ps. for invites and their codes here is a link to a past post with them in it :