sexxxayhunni_87 (sexxxayhunni_87) wrote in _the_sirens,

New management

Okie sirens. We are starting a new.

New management:

I am still the maintainer but we have new mods.

elegantangel  & ooga_chugga .

Other Info:

We obviously need more members because there are only about 5 of us who actually vote and post every day. so the new applicant,  itsybitsydiva is auto- accepted.

I want you all to go out and promote this community. There will be 15 auto-accept spots to fill. So start promoting so we can actually get this community up and running.

okie lovelys. have a great weekend.

* ~ * Rinie * ~ *

Ps. for invites and their codes here is a link to a past post with them in it :
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