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Do you hear me singing?

Name and Nicknames: name:Melissa nicknames:sloopie(from one of my favorite songs called "hang on sloopie", MC('M' from melissa and 'C' from my middle name christine), mel, miss, melis


Zodiac Sign:libra

Education:sophomore in highschool


Marital Status:not married

Dating Preference:males

Favorite Food:caesar salad

Favorite Color:yellow and pink

Favorite Clothing Brand/Designer:hollister

Music you like: moslty everything, pop, classic rock, punk rock, rap, hip-hop, basically based on mood and what sound good at the time im listening to music.

Favorite Music Artist(s):hmm, Pink Floyd definitely, taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Ashlee Simpson, Maroon 5, Dave Mathews, Third Eye Blind

Hobbies:kempo karate, writing

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Deeper in your mind *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

1. Idea of the perfect date?hmm, it would probably be at this place where i vacation wiht my family in the sumer on the connecticut shoreline, i would him on the beach while soaking up some rays and we'd talk a bit and then later on he'd pick me up at my cottage in a red convertible, we'd go to a local mini golf course and to this awesome restaurant called Dock and Dine. Afterwards, we'd head back to the beach and lay out under the stars talking for hours about everything from fmaily to music, it would end with a walk accross the boardwalk and a kiss in the moonlight. :-)

2. Best movie ever (through your eyes)?DIRTY DANCING or GREASE!!! i looove the 50's-60's era, and the mix of music dancing and love in those to movies is enough to make me happy. besides they are timeless and the type of movie that you don't get sick of.

3. What do you think of interracial relationships?i don't think love has a particular race, age, sex or anything. if two people to love eachother why would it even matter? i think people who try to say it is wrong are closed minded. it was best said in romeo and juliet "love is blind"

4.What is your dream job?my dream job would have to be a journlist for a major teen magazine. I absolutely adore writing, and I think that I have the ideas and ability to be able to reach out to teens using my experiences as a teenager to write about tough and happy times to motivate and educate girls going through similiar scenarios, i also think i would be able to relate to and understand problems that i haven't gone through because i can see things well from other perspectives. i can't wait to ctually get out there and write.

5. Who is your role model and why?honestly, and not to sound cheesy but my role model is my little sister. she's 10 but she has been through so much and still always has a smile on her face. she has an immune system difficiency, which basically means she has a real hard time fighting off illnesses and gets sick for long periods of time. she has to go to children's hospital every month for an I.V to take blood and make sure she's doing okay. even thoguh i can be the way harsh older sister she always reminds me that she loves me and looks up to me and has this eternal hapiness and faith in people i wish i had. i really learn a lot from her almost everyday.

6. If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go? and why?i would probably go to italy. i have some fmaily over their and thats where my family came form, my great grandmother and great grandfather both came to Ellis island from italy and my fmaily is way into our culture. mostly my whole family has been there before and they always tell me how wonderful it is and in pictures it looks absolutely gorgeous. i would go to sicily, solerno, and naples, the three places my fmaily descends from.

7.What is a true friend?in my opinion a true friend is anybody who will unconditionally have your back and will always see you're point of view. if you have a problem they listena nd try to help, no questions asked. it can't be somebody you always agree with, because a true friend speaks their mind to you and lets you know when they think you are wrong and tries to keep you in check and on the right path. a true friend doesn't ditch you for anybody including a boyfriend. i guess the term "hoes over bros" would be used.

8. What is love? love is unexplainable really, but i'll give it a shot. it's eternal and unconditional when its true. it beautiful, magical, sad, happy, hard, painful, but a necessity to live, i know i've been using a lot of sayings, but one that comes to mind here is from moulin rouge "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return" or from the bible and i don't know it by heart so i won't quote it but it's something like , love is kind, love is never boastful or jealous. love just is.

9. Describe your ideal lover. has to make me laugh, and make me happy, respectful towards my family, and outgoing, if he offers the handshake to my dad first he's in :-), hmm, i go to church evry sunday so that would help, but it's not really a big deal. so basically if he makes me want to be around him and gives me butterflies he's all good.

10. Describe yourself in 5 words. talkative, loud-ish, friendly, happy, goofy

11. What do you think of homosexual marriage?it pretty much goes along with the interracial question, i will say i don't fully understand it, but if it makes the couple happy and they love eachother there is no reason to oppose it, from a religious stand point i understand why it's wrong, due to the natural marriage and child bearing of man and wife, but if i person isn't religious they shouldn't have to abide by the catholic churches rules and should be bale to marry whomever they want.

12. What is your theme song (best describes you, you can relate to it or it describes a life experience)? "hang on sloopie"-rick deringer. it's about a girl named with the nickname sloopie, she's not from the best part of town, and her dad is kind of sketchy, but this guy loves her anyways, it's a really cute song from the 60's and i love it because it shows that people are capable of being loved for who they are and i adore that. :-)

13. What do you think of the war(for it/ against it) and why? i've been asked that before and it's really hard to answer. i must say i'm kinda stuck in the middle. the pros are like, stopping people like Hitler, and the Iraq crisis. cons are the death of innocent people and wars like vietnam where we thought we had it easy and we lost the war and soo many american lives. i do think that whether you are for or against war it is important to support ou troops because they need it and deserve it for sacrificing themselves for us.

14.What makes you a siren(uniqueness, special talent or physical feature)? i think i would make a good siren because i am strong willed and independant, i stand by values and form my own opinions, physically i don't think i am gorgeous or anything but i do think i am decent/pretty and my personality contributes even more to me

15. What do you think of the death penalty (for it/against it) and why? i am against it. killing somebody for killing somebody else doen't accomplish much, murders should spend a life of suffering and having to live with what they did in prison, and now a prison where they get a comfortable life, a hard-ass prison.


sorry they're small
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